Database transmission application converts MSSQL data contents into new MySQL database and provide comprehensive database relocation solution. Software convert all data types, default value, trigger, attributes, null value, key constraints, like primary key, unique key etc. Graphical user interface oriented application makes data entry quick and convenient and also run the application without any user interaction or using command line parameter. Database migration program compatible with a lot of character sets (including Unicode utf-8) and provide efficiency to transfer Microsoft SQL data records into newly database. Utility provides comprehensive database conversion solution, highest performance scalability and reliability to meet the requirements of database and transmit selected rows, column, attributes, table’s fields and key constraints into MySQL database. Software can convert single or groups of tables from database and uses an interactive and organized algorithm makes the conversion of fully loaded databases done in few seconds. Easy to use applications maintain data integrity and completely transfer Microsoft SQL databases to MySQL server. Utility support all major Microsoft SQL data types and converts complete database or selected table contents simply and competently and increased performance and cross platform capability. Software Features: * Convert database into new destination database, or merge existing destination database as replacing names of tables. * Support different Microsoft Windows operating system above 98 (including XP and VISTA). * GUI based tool supports different version of Microsoft SQL server express and Microsoft SQL server 2000/2005. * Software migrate selected tables, rows, columns, data, default values, primary key, unique key, null value, and indexes along with all attributes. * Trial version with help option available does not require any technical knowledge to operate software.
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