Company proud to design and develop extraordinary barcode tag producer software for various banks as well as post offices to efficiently fulfill most demanded labels designing and printing needs by allowing user to generate own style, size and shape barcode stickers in very short span of time. Comprehensive bar coding solution helps user in creating multiple labels of same or distinct values by using various series generating option including constant, random or sequential values in few mouse clicks. Cost effective 2D barcode labeling software allowed various new, experienced or professional developers to design dazzling, stunning and awesome barcode labels for various post office and banks documents in simplified manners. Innovative postal barcode sticker builder tool demo version available on company website, so any user can understands its feature and working before purchasing full license version. Company provides more professional customer support team than any other barcode generator organization. Exclusive barcode creator software uses cutting-edge technology that allowed user to build eye catching barcode tags by using various designing objects and industrial commonly used font standard. Software designs and prints bulk barcode on single piece of paper with advance and flexible barcode settings. Our software smartly installs or run on any latest Windows operating system from Window 2000 to Window 7. Features: * Economical barcode tag creator application allowed banks to design high quality barcode labels with simple or alpha-numeric text. * Reliable postal barcode image builder tool designs labels in Text as well as Image formats. * Affordable post office barcode maker tool beneficial for managing, handling, recording or transmission of various mails or other postal documents. * Bank barcode tag producer utility provides easy installation and uninstallation procedure for technical as well as non technical users.

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Business card maker software is great solution to build rich quality and attractive business rolls, ribbons in huge amount. Download business tag creator application is complete utility to produce multiple copies of high quality business ribbons with different text value. Freeware business ribbon building program is flexible solution to generate variety of high resolution and good looking business images according to industry demands. Business card maker software creates classic and colorful business stickers with the help of multiple font file including LOGMARS, Industrial 2 to 5, MICR, EAN 13, code 39, code 128, MaxiCode, codabar, Postnet, USPS, UPCA etc. Reliable business sticker producer utility is specially developed to save designed customized and ready to print business labels with distinguished graphical formats like gif, tiff, emf, exif, jpg, png etc. Effective business label generator application is capable to update shapes, bars, width, positions, height, size, dimensions, fonts, caption, colors etc of produced eye catching and flexible business tags in minimal time span. Business card maker software builds printable and business specific ribbons using picture, text, pencil, arc, star, circle, rectangle, ellipse, line, triangle and other graphical designing objects. Affordable business tag creator program is widely used by many profitable and non profitable application areas like healthcare, telecom industry, postal services, banking sectors, retail, transportations, government agencies etc. Feature: * Business ribbon building utility has user friendly GUI with inbuilt help options. * Business card maker software prints own style business coupons using advanced printing features. * Business sticker producer tool adds dazzling and readable business labels in various Windows programs such as word, paint, excel etc. * Business label generator program offers sequential and random methods to build most versatile business images.

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Proficient barcode labeling software facilitates user to design multiples labels or stickers. Website provides label designing software allows user to copy and paste generate tags in application like MS word, MS paint, MS excel etc. Website provides barcode designer application empowers user to design colorful labels with the help of advanced color printing setting. Company provides Barcode Generator for Warehouse tool design various labels and stickers. Company offer Barcode designing application helps user to generate multiple structures and sizes labels by using random and sequential techniques. Company offer Barcode designer utility facilitates user to makes product price tags and stickers using color printer settings. Comprehensive barcode label Generator software facilitates user to design bulk barcodes using advanced designing techniques. Download from warehouse barcode software enables user to generate multiple labels and tags. Company provides industrial barcode generator program empowers user to design linear and 2D barcodes font techniques like Coda bar, Code 11, Code 128, Code 128 SET A, Code 128 SET B, Code 128 SET C, Code 39, Code 39 Full ASCII in linear standard and Aztec, Databar Code 128, Databar Code 128 Set A, Databar Code 128 Set B, Databar Code 128 Set C in 2D standards. Website provides barcode manufacturing program allows user to design attractive labels using various fonts and sizes settings. Salient features: - * Specialized barcode tag generator program provides special random and sequential techniques to design bulk barcodes. * Proficient barcode generator application helps to save created barcode labels in all file extensions like JPEG, EXIF, PNG, BITMAP, PNG etc. * Innovative warehousing barcode Generator software has advance color settings to create colorful barcode and labels. * Comprehensive barcode designing software provides advanced data set techniques to design different barcode designing objects.

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Mac Restore Deleted program get back erased data due to hardware/software malfunction, virus attacks, or improper use of devices without any data failure. Mac Restore Deleted tool recuperate your vanished vital project files, text documents, and other official data from hard disk and USB drives. Mac Restore Deleted application repair your accidentally missing, deleted, lost, erased data from USB flash drives and hard disk storage media. Advance Mac Restore Deleted tool is fully competent to restore your all lost text files, images, pictures, snapshots, audio/video clipping, songs and other valuable data from hard disk, pen drives, memory sticks, memory card, and other storage media. Mac Restore Deleted Utility is fully competent to get back your most vital data immediately. Proficient Mac Restore Deleted program is accomplished with various advance features and you can easily download this professional tool from Economical Mac Restore Deleted application is easy to use and even you don’t require any prior technical training to operate this smart utility. Professional Mac Restore Deleted software rapidly get back all missing data due to accidental deletion, formatted USB drives, logically corrupted storage media, virus attack and other similar data failure reasons. Remarkable Mac Restore Deleted program offers inbuilt amazing disk scanning mechanism to search and revive all missing or vanished data. Easy to use Mac Restore Deleted application regains all kinds of pictures, photos, mp3/mp4 files, images from hard disk and USB drives. Features: *Mac Restore Deleted application supports data recuperation of vanished compressed or encrypted files. *Program facilitates preview facility to view restored files before their final recovery. *Mac Restore Deleted Software easily gets back all types of pictures, photos, images, mp3/mp4 files from hard disk and USB drives.

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Technically designed corrupted data recovery software has cost effective utility to restore lost files from external hard disk drive without any data loss. Download erased files recovery application to recuperate lost images in all major data loss situation such as virus attack, accidental deletion, corrupted boot sector, hardware/software malfunction, improper device usage and various others. Efficient and reliable Mac hard drive recovery software provides comprehensive solution to restore damaged media files lost due to accidental deletion, power surges, improper device usage, hardware/software malfunction etc. User friendly data recovery software recuperates virus infected mp3, mp4 songs with effective support to all major brands of USB drive such as Kingston, Sony, Nikon, Samsung, Transcend, Lexar and various others. Apple Mac hard drive repair program restores inaccessible records even when system generated error message like “Drive not detected” is displayed on your PC screen. Lost data salvage application has effective recovery algorithm to repair corrupted files even when pen drive is of 1GB, 2Gb, 4Gb, 8GB or even higher storage capacity drive. Fully fledged formatted data recovery software retrieves crucial business documents lost due to virus attack or accidental deletion. Mac hard drive repair application recuperates damaged audio, video songs with effective support to all major file formats such as jpg, jpeg, bmp, tiff, BITMAP, png, txt, doc, ppt and various others. Software features: *Apple Mac data repairing software salvage erased audio, video clips from virus infected hard disk drive. * Download Mac hard drive repair program to restore damaged media files with effective thumbnail preview feature. * Data recovery software has advance search facility to retrieve previous lost files without affecting original system performance.

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Memory card data recovery software support all types of memory cards readers to access the memory card on your PC. Compact flash memory card data restoration software retrieves lost or formatted digital picture, audio, video, text and image from corrupted memory card of all sizes (512MB, 1GB, 4GB and 8GB etc). Compact flash card data salvage application repair files even if Drive Not Detected message is displayed on your PC. Memory card data recovery software supports Windows 98, 2000, 2003, NT, ME, XP and Vista. Memory card data recovery software is used to restore all digital files including jpeg, mpeg, bmp, gif, 3gp, ppt, and other supported storage media. Memory card data recovery software can be used as forensic tool for investigation use. Memory card files restoration utility retrieves all sorts of encrypted audio, video, pictures, text data from undetected USB flash drive. Memory card data resurgence software recovers photographs, digital images and music files in easiest way. Memory card data recovery software is easy to operate by non technical person. Memory card data retrieval software provides easy and fastest recovery functionality. Memory card data recovery utility is reliable solution for recovery which you lost due to accidental formation of multimedia memory card. Memory card data retrieval software recovers incorrect data fastly. FEATURES * Memory card data recovery software is very easy to install and run. * Memory card data salvage software information can be handled by compressing and storing it in a tree-structured full text searchable database for instant access of any information. * Software has interactive GUI and support all windows OS. * Memory card data retrieval is non destructive read only utility to recover audio, videos and files. * Multimedia data retrieval software support in built Microsoft word, automatically recovers the memory space of abandoned data, allows capturing and saving current data directly.

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Download newly made Partition Recovery Software that is beneficial for all professionals to restores all formatted file and documents like audio, video, text, xml, images, etc without taking any expert guidance. Download NTFS partition files recovery program which comfortably works on all hard disk like IBM, Toshiba, Maxtor, Quantum Seagate, Western digital, Samsung, Hitachi and Fujitsu etc. brings newly developed data recovery application to retrieves inaccessible official text documents corrupted due to virus attack. NTFS erased files recovery program comfortably restores erased or lost audio, video files all any format from all major types of hard disk standard format. NTFS file retrieval technology has excellent digital data restoration capability which helps novice users to easily restore erased files in just few easy mouse clicks. Download NTFS files recovery software that easily rescue all mistakenly formatted data back to user specified PC location in minimal time. launches new skills used designed corrupted data reloading program to easily restore mistakenly deleted or corrupted files and folders from laptop hard disk storage media device with full accuracy. Feature: * User friendly NTFS files recovery program comfortably restores all deleted files and folders even after permanent deletion from recycle bin. *Use newly developed NTFS files repairing program to easily retrieve deleted files with effective support to SCSI, EIDE, SATA, ATA and all major hard disk standards. * Advance interactive graphical user interface based partition recovery software restores all accidentally erased files from computer. * Partition Recovery Software easily revives damaged files with effective print preview feature.

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Hard disk clean up tool is effective and efficient software to clear your system history related to any files and folders saved in logical drive or saved data in hard disk. USB mini hard disk cleaner software can permanently remove any office documents like word, excel, power point presentation etc. Data wiper utility provide your computer privacy as it permanently removes all your confidential documents, secret numbers like pan card, bank account number, ATM pin number, or other official information stored in your system etc. Hard disk drive sanitation software provides unrecoverable deletion of system data. Data eraser software can erase internet history records like typed URL, browser history, visited sites, login id, password etc. Removable storage media cleaner tool provide deletion of search engine entries, cookies, cache files, system files, index files, locked files and any recently used document links. Remote data wiper provides option to clean up either selected portion or complete hard disk space. Software supports all windows based operating system including 98, 2000, server 2003, ME, NT, XP (Home, pro, media center edition), Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Starter and windows Vista Home Basic. Features: * Powerful clean up tool provide deletion of all files and folders stored in your hard drive. * Data deletion program use disk erasing algorithm to clear all system history related to windows or internet record. * Disk cleanup software provides a preview report about saved files and folders with their allocated memory space before deletion. * Storage media wiper tool wipes out USB removable or non removable hard disk data. * Files removal software converts your system from non destructive to destructive removing mode. * Software provide easy installation and operational process with user friendly GUI.

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Professional text SMS program provides facility to delivers globally bulk message from pc to any mobile networks without help of internet gateway. Efficient message sending tool for windows application compose online customize message and transmit huge quantity of text messages from computer system to worldwide mobile networks via connecting windows supporting operating system cell phone in simple mouse clicks. Reliable bulk message utility provides options to forward massive quantities of text SMS to over the world to various contact numbers in very short time and effort. Download Bulk SMS Software easily work with all latest windows based operating system including windows server, Win XP, Win vista, windows 7 etc. Freeware windows compatible SMS delivers tool create and transmit group message to all mobile networks in identical time period. Easy to use SMS application forwards Bulk message from pocket pc to several mobile contact numbers only connect your Windows compatible hand phone to your personal system you can sent large quantities of SMS. Advance mobile broad cost messaging tool is perfect method to easy and quick send SMS for different occasion as product advertisement SMS, marketing campaigns, birthday wishes, promoting services, greetings, job alerts, anniversary invitations and many more. Features: * Text SMS Utility provides facility to transfer individual or group messages via connecting windows phone to computer system. * Download Bulk SMS Software presents interactive GUI based features and function to easy to handle by novice system users or technical person. * Mobile SMS Application support all most important windows cell phones like Nokia, HP, Sony, iPAQ, HTC, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Motorola and other trendy bands. * Technically advance SMS marketing program helps to speedily reach target customers and sent information about company services, products quality and attractive offers in few seconds.

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FAT Windows file recovery application rescue lost, deleted, overwritten digital file due to corrupted partitions disk. FAT restoring systems supports all Microsoft Windows operating like Windows 95, 98, 2000, Vista, Windows 7, XP etc. FAT partition file remaking application allows downloading free to try version to understand FAT data recovery product functionality before purchase full version of drive recovery software. Perfect FAT data recovery application provides extremely interactive GUI interface for beginner computer users as well as technical expert. User friendly FAT Drive Recovery utility has powerful capacity to retrieves lost digital image due to any cause such as formatted hard disk, BIOS error, human fault, MBR failure, corrupted operating system etc. Simple to use Drive Recovery Software Free application has ability to fastly restore missing, deleted or lost music file MP3, mP4, image file, Jpeg, gif and ms words file from partitioned disk media. Powerful FAT restoring product easily works with entire hard disk including EIDE, SCSI, ATA and IDE in very specific manner. FAT digital data retrieval tool is convenient way to get back permanently lost important documents from hard disk digital storage media in vary less time and effort. Software offers easy to use FAT recovery system and novice computer user can freely use loss data restoring GUI base features and functions. Feature: * Utility is Reliable, efficient with simple lost file restoring functionality and cost-effective easily affordable FAT recovery program to all professional and non professional people. * FAT Windows file recovery tool revives lost or corrupted movie, audio video clips, digital images, doc files from logically corrupted storage hard disk. * FAT File regaining program successfully regenerates formatted folder form corrupted disk. * Recovery files program reconstruct even forever erased documents due to damaged partitions drive, human fault, Viruses attack etc.

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Hard disk NTFS partition salvage utility restores all deleted files, folders from corrupted drive. Windows Vista NTFS files restoration tool recovers all types of lost data such as pictures, audio and other documents. NTFS data recovery software retrieves erased files from formatted hard disk and inaccessible root directory. Vista NTFS file rescue application is read-only and non destructive utility to recover damaged files and folders. Windows NTFS data retrieval tool retrieves files erased from the recycle bin or deleted using Shift +Del key. NTFS files salvage software provides facility to preview all recoverable files before actual recovery. Vista NTFS partition data restoration utility supports all branded hard drive including Samsung, Toshiba, Hitachi and IBM etc. Windows Vista NTFS files restore application retrieves data lost due to overwritten or formatted hard disk partition. NTFS data salvage software recovers files deleted due to improper system shutdown, software hardware malfunction etc. Vista NTFS files retrieval tool restores data even if system displays an error message such as disk error, invalid command and drive not formatted etc. Windows NTFS data recovery utility salvages files and folders missing due virus attack, corrupted boot sector or damaged root directory. NTFS files restoration software supports all windows operating system including XP, NT, Vista, 2000, ME, 2003 etc. Vista NTFS files recovery application recovers data from various types of hard disk including SCSI, ATA, EIDE and SATA etc. Features: * Windows NTFS files recovery software recovers all deleted data from various types of hard disk. * NTFS data restoration tool retrieves erased files from formatted drive partition. * Vista NTFS files rescue application salvages data from damaged boot sector and root directory.

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Cost effective image restore program is helpful for IT professionals to get back all removed official documents by following some simple steps. Free file recovery software is available online as trial version to understand its advance features and functionalities to retrieve text data missed due to improper system shut down. Fast and simple to use DDR professional window recovery application enables users to rescue files even in major data loss scenario like human mistake, virus attack, partition failure and other similar reasons. Data Recovery utility is offered at website with inbuilt help manual that guide users step by step during recovery process of formatted photographs. Advance data retrieval application easily restores data lost from formatted hard disk, virus infected flash drives and other storage devices. DDR professional retrieval tool provides comprehensive recovery solution for windows application users by restoration of accidentally deleted files and folders. Recovery software is capable to get back important documents that are removed after applying shift + Del key or due to logically crashed disk. File rescue program is embedded with advance techniques to easily restore all lost images without making any change in their original structure. Features: * Data restoration tool does not depend on any specific hardware tool or device to handle it for retrieval of removed or corrupted files. * Powerful hard drive recovery software easily works on windows operating systems including windows Vista, XP, 7 etc to get back lost data. * Data Recovery tool does not require special training for recovery of data even when complete file is deleted from recycle bin folder. * Disk scanning features of recovery application is useful to detect and restore all types of images lost from formatted media.

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File regaining tool easily restores deleted important files, text documents from logically damaged personal computer HDD. Inexpensive data recovery software NTFS salvage eBooks, 3D games, picks lost or corrupted due to virus attack, OS failure etc. Excellent file retrieval application is safe and secure utility for home, educational institutions, business organizations to recover highly confidential data from desktop PC or laptop HDD. Professional data recovery software is specially designed and developed to regain lost zip/exe files from inaccessible hard disk drive. Reliable file restoration program efficiently gets back erased personal files and folders from Windows NTFS and NTFS5 file partitioned system. Cost effective data recovery software NTFS restores screensavers, animated movies, songs, playlists deleted after pressing Shift+Del key. File salvage utility uses advanced disk scanning algorithms to recover lost data large volume hard disk drive. Freeware data recovery software NTFS successfully works on all latest versions of Windows operating system including Windows 7, Vista etc. Reliable file restoration program provides highly interactive graphical user interface that helps novice user to understand software functionalities without any special prior technical knowledge. Data recovery software regains corrupted wallpapers, screensavers and songs without affecting original file format. Software features: * File rescue utility recovers erased images, picks, songs, sound clips in different file extensions like jpeg, gif, png, mpeg, mp3, mp4 etc. * Data recovery software NTFS rescues lost office document files, folders from SATA, ATA, SCSI, IDE hard disk standards. * File salvage application regains missing digital photographs, audio/video files from logically formatted hard disk drive. * Data recovery software NTFS restores images, snaps, eBooks, PDF, PPT files misplaced due to hardware/software malfunctioning, power failure etc.

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Web chat program enables visitors of your site to connect with company representatives in real time regarding their queries about the product. Live help software enables support staff to send instant answer to customers queries by sending pre written or canned messages. Web based online chat service can transfer chat session from one support staff to other in case customer needs any additional support regarding company product. Live chat software makes sound and visual alert notification to company representatives whenever visitor request for chat. Chat transcript can be mail to email address defined by the visitors which can be latterly viewed by the customer. Online web support service facilitates customer support executives to ban IP address of unwanted website visitors who are unnecessarily interrupting and wasting operator time. Help desk live chat software enables visitors to leave offline messages when staffs are out of service or not available for live assistance which can be latterly viewed by the company executives. Website live chat program is useful for all online based business like Travel, Insurance, Real state, E-commerce etc. Features of Live web chat software: * Sends offline messages in case company executives are out of service or not available for live assistance. * Software builds online communication between company representative and website visitor. * Allows company executives to answer all the Visitors queries regarding company services. * Software works on any windows operating system including Windows 98, 2000, 2003, ME, NT, XP and Vista. * Facilitate executives to view what visitor typing even before they send it. * Sends visual and sound alert to notify operator that visitor is online for chatting. * Block IP address of unwanted website visitors.

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Most widely used Mac digital picture recovery software is coming in market with extraordinary quality that allows user to take a complete backup of permanent corrupted memorable images, cute baby photo, marriage photographs, important files, mp3/mp4 songs, anniversary video, party clip etc and save them at safe location in desktop or at user specified another system. Resourceful Mac digital picture recovery application allows both technical and non-technical user to use such software without taking extra expertise training. Highly reliable Macintosh based digital camera lost photographs restoration utility is able to show a preview of recovered damaged files before actual regain of deleted data which saves time and money both in efficient manner. Restore deleted Mac files software allows user to save all recovers files, folders, audio, video, clip etc into different file format like Jpg, Jpeg, tiff, riff, gif, doc, txt, bitmap, mov etc in smooth way. Cost-effective image retrieval Mac program allows user to take a complete backup in case when data is lost due to different reasons such as human mistake, battery failure, improper handling of device, formatted/re-formatted memory card, software/hardware malfunction, virus/worms attack and many other same type of reasons. Amazing permanent corrupted Mac lost data recovery application supports restoration from different digital camera such as point and shoot camera, Digital video camera, Novelty camera, Speciality camera, Prosumer digital camera and many others. Features- * Safe and economical photo retrieval utility is used by different user to regain their damaged data in original form with high resolution. * Best and easy to operate Mac lost picture recovery software required minimum hard disk space to install software into personal computer. * Digital images restoration for Mac OS X supports all Macintosh based system like laptop, notebook, desktop, personal computer.

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Lost data from Mac hard drives! Take advantage of Macintosh DDR professional recovery software to retrieve inaccessible files and folders from Mac HFS and HFS + drives in less span of time. Download freeware Mac data recovery program to regain favorite collection of music, movie or other media files from any corrupted or formatted storage media in few seconds. Apple Macintosh OS X undelete application professionally capable in recovery of important documents from memory card that not recognized by PC due to any reasons. Apple Mac data rescue program restore all lost or misplaced data due to Master Directory Block, Volume Header Corruption, Extents Overflow file corruption, Catalog File's node corruption, Bad Sector in the disk, Accidental deletion, formatted storage media, Virus/worm attacks, or any other reasons. Affordable Recover Mac software exclusively designed for those who want to regain all lost memorable images and photographs from storage media at reasonable price. Technically powerful Recover Mac utility efficiently and effectively retrieve lost text, media or picture files and folders from Multimedia storage devices in few easy steps. Mac DDR Recovery Software professionally capable in get back intentionally or unintentionally formatted Compact flash card data and documents in fraction of time. Recover Mac application easily restore mp3, mp4, mpeg etc music files from logically crashed hard drive in simplified manner. Features: * Undelete Mac software empowers with preview facility that allow user to take a look on recovered documents before actual recovery. * Advance Mac data rescue program smoothly supports all type of digital storage devices, drive and media including Mac hard drives, pen drives, Portable media players, Memory sticks, Mobile devices, digital camera etc. * Powerful recover Mac utility uses advanced search and standard search algorithms for finding crucial formatted files from any storage media.

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Download removable disk repair software that make sure recovery of all your priceless data stuck on corrupted USB drive. USB drive file restore wizard undelete all digital data after an accidental deletion, a format process, or from corrupt media. Professional removable disk recovery software is most efficient data recovery utility that performs read-only operations on your removable media and stores the recovered files to the location you specified. Utility support recovery from wide quality of portable USB media storage devices such as zip drive, key chain disk, USB drive, memory chip, compact flash card, jump drive, portable laptop hard drive, removable music storage disc, thumb drive and other similar mass data storage disc. Crashed data recovery software provide support to major capacity USB drives including 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. Easy to use software works with Microsoft Windows platform (from Windows 9x to Vista). Mass storage media folders recovery tool provides a cutting-edge GUI that support quick view and easy to operate facility. Software can recover damaged picture, photos, images and music songs like mp3, mp4, wav, gif, bmp, tiff, jpeg etc. Features: * Download removable disk recovery software to restore all type of data whether it is office documents, music files or any other folder detail. * Software restores all lost files and data from USB drive until data have been overridden, and also recovers data from formatted pen drives. * Removable media file recovery tool supports data recovery from all kind of USB drives available in market. * Software is available with free trial version, giving you the ability to see whether your data is recoverable or not.

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Award winning picture rescue tool is very easy to use application that helps you to rescue all your lost pictures and images from corrupted HDD in very less span of time. Recover deleted picture software regains snaps, photos missing from memory card of mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players, Digital camera and many other similar storage devices. Digital compact flash recovery utility restores lost images from all popular HDD manufacturers including Maxtor, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Olympus, HP, Sony and lots more. Recover deleted picture software is able to retrieve deleted photos from formatted HDD and provide option to save all recovered images in desired location on PC. Prominent digital stills undelete tool provides great quality GUI that helps you to operate software settings without requiring any technical guidance. Recover deleted picture software is able to work with all latest editions of Windows operating system including Windows XP, 7, Vista series. Extraordinary image regaining application successfully recovers lost images from 512 MB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB and larger capacity storage devices. Recover deleted picture software smoothly rescue missing images from Sony, Konica-Minolta, Toshiba, Canon, Panasonic, HP, Nikon and many other removable media brands. Recover deleted picture software uses all latest medial recovery algorithms for rescue lost images, photos from USB drive. Features: * Recover deleted picture software rescue digital pictures, photos deleted from pen drive, thumb drive. * Skilled picture recovery application is able to retrieve wide range of personal as well as professional images even when device not recognized message displayed. * Recover deleted picture software recovers personal collection of images, snaps from fixed and removable disk drives in just few clicks of mouse. * Extraordinary digital image rescue utility is designed for recovering lost images and pictures from mass storage media.

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Website performance checker software constantly watches over website and web-based applications constantly and detects web site performance in real time. Website performance tracker application checks uptime, ping status and downtime notification of user web pages. Website performance monitor tool detects errors includes Host not Found, Server Not Found, Server Connection Failed, Low Bandwidth, Low Connectivity network status etc, and alert notification via sending email or beep sound for free out from these errors. Website status tracker tool supports all basic internet protocols includes HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 and FTP server protocols. Web site status tracker software tool send an immediate notification on detecting inaccessible, loads improperly response and allowing easily understanding and evaluating the website's performance. Website performance analyzer tool has interactive Graphical User Interface that provides overview of web sites on detecting and monitoring web sites. Website monitoring software support all window environment efficiently runs on Windows XP, Vista, 98, NT, ME, 2000, server 2003 operating system without degrading system performance. Features: * Web site performance analyzer software monitor website and web based application performance in real time. * Web site monitoring service programs alert via Email or beeps sound or runs a specific program when given website is down or inaccessible. * Web site performance software facilitates to monitors number of web sites simultaneously. * Website status tracker utility have easy-working web monitoring interface wizard. * Website monitoring services utility support SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, POP3 and FTP protocols. * Website status tracker software checks availability of the website around-the-clock. * Website tracker utility does not require any technical knowledge to operate it.

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Website offers easy to download Generate Barcode software that produces impressive label images and identity cards to fulfill each and every kind of barcode image requirement for small to large scale enterprises in smaller amount of time at very low price. provides highly configured Generate Barcode tool that allows user to reset the different settings of existing barcode images as per your choice including background color setting, height setting, font setting, width setting, image resolution, pixel size, barcode text value and many others in simplified manner without taking any suggestion from technical expertise. Well recognized Label designing utility provides inbuilt image designing objects to craft standard product stickers, ID cards, visiting cards and magazine coupons etc just in few countable steps. Professionally developed Generate Barcode program enables user to create bulk barcode images in minimal time duration and in turn increases the productivity as well as work efficiency of your organization. With the aid of proficient label generator application you can craft wonderful looking asset tags via linear and 2D barcode font standards without doing many efforts. Highly interactive Generate Barcode software provides inbuilt series generating features like random value series, constant value series and sequential value series to build colorful barcode list easily. Easy to operate barcode label designing and printing tool is designed with highly printing capabilities so that user can design and print a number of colorful barcode images through normally used scanners and printers in most affordable manner. Features: * Reasonable priced Generate Barcode utility saves the details of generated barcode images in PC at desirable location. * Comprehensive Generate Barcode tool effectively works with all major versions of Windows OS. * Both technical as well as non technical users can use Generate Barcode software easily.

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Advance data recovery program provides facility to restore corrupted data and file from your computer system. Data Recovery Utility is fully capable to recover music file, picture from storage devices that erased due to virus detection. has ability to restore important missing files and folder from pc. Advance data recovery software is capable to recover deleted valuable details and other type of system information in minimum time of interval. Download data recovery application provides facility to restore missing file and folder from hard disk. Free download data recovery program has capability to retrieve deleted photo, mp3 songs, picture and images from digital camera. Data recovery software is used to restore different type of files/ folder that permanently deleted from storage drives. Advance data recovery application allows recovering erased contact number and important massages for your mobile phone inbox. Free download data recovery program enables to restore file and folder that delete from your computer system due to power failure. Data recovery tool provides facility to retrieve data and valuable documents from your computer that erased due to virus attack. Download data recovery application helps to restore important information and valuable documents from portable storage devices. Free download data recovery software provides facility to recover data from your system that erased during system partitioning. Advance data recovery program has ability to restore different type of deleted file and folders from pen drive. Feature:- *Download data recovery application restores corrupted data and files from portable storage devices. *Advance data recovery software easily recover deleted all type of important information from your pc. *Data recovery program retrieves missing music file, audio/ video song, images and picture from hard disk. *Free download data recovery tool easily restore files/folders permanently deleted from memory card.

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USB drive erased data recovery software is easy to set up and fast utility. Removable drive crashed data restoration tool retrieves all missing files and folders from pen drive, mobile phone, USB supported mp3 player and thumb drive. External USB drive damaged data retrieval application is compatible with all Windows operating system including Windows 2000, 98, XP, NT, 7 and Vista. USB flash drive salvage wizard performs in-depth scanning of removable media and stores that recovered data at user specified location. Removable media lost data regaining program revives all files formats like jpg, mpeg, gif, wov, bmp, tiff and riff. USB disk damaged files recovery program renovates data even removable drive is formatted. Removable drive erased data reviving utility provides user friendly graphical user interface. USB drive corrupted data retrieval application supports all USB manufacturer brands like Toshiba, Transcend, HP, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Kingston and Kodak. Removable media crashed data retrieval tool revives missing data even data is lost due to improper removal of USB drive. USB drive erased data salvage application renovates data even removable media is not recognized by system. Removable drive erased data restoration program provides full install and uninstall support. Features: * USB drive lost data recovery software restores all deleted music, audio-video clips, still images, pictures and other documents from Jet Flash removable media. * Removable media erased data salvage utility recovers missing data even data is lost due to virus infected external USB drive. * External USB drive damaged data restoration utility revives crashed data even some logical error is occurred while accessing removable drive. * USB flash drive corrupted data retrieval wizard provides graphical user interface.

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Are you searching advance and reliable software to undelete virus infected or damaged digital photographs? Don’t take tension! Company present best and excellent Mac OSX Recovery software to easily and firstly recuperate all type deleted picture and photographs from removable and fixed data storage digital media. Advance and affordable Mac OSX Recovery tool reliably renovates all extension image files like tiff, png, jpeg, avi, mpeg, riff, exif, gif, jpg, bmp, wfm, emf and many more without any changing in actual files and folders. Mac digital photo recovery program conveniently restore deleted digital photographs from all latest and popular removable or fixed storage media similar to PDA, Memory Stick DUO, Pen Drive, Smart Media, Memory Stick PRO, Mobile Phone Memory, Multimedia Card, Pocket Drive, Mini SD Card, Zip Drive, Compact Flash, Hard disk etc. Professional Mac OSX Recovery software successfully salvage lost memorable and valuable photographs from all major data lost situations including accidently deleted image files, unexpectedly virus or worm infection, Frequent removable disk format, Improper device handling, Software or hardware malfunction, Power faults and similar other incidents. Mac picture recovery tool provides advance facility to download 30-days trial version to get better analyze and evaluate its powerful working capabilities and aspects before ordering complete licensed version of software. Digital photo restoration utility supports all Mac OS installed Laptop/Notebook/Desktop/Computer machines. Extraordinary features: * Mac OSX Recovery software salvage accidently formatted or deleted digital photographs in few countable minutes. * Mac picture recovery application restore lost memorable and valuable wedding anniversary photos album without any changing in original data. * Mac digital photo recovery tool reliably renovates deleted or formatted photographs from all major manufacturing brands of removable/fixed storage media.

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Memory card retrieval program recovers deleted digital camera’s pictures jpg, jpeg, mpeg images and photographs. Restoration utility restores mp3, mp4, m4a, m4b, window media audio, wma, wmv, mov, aif songs music of iPod. Recovery tool is used for restoration of accidently corrupted files and folders. It’s simple software that can easily rescue your important documents. Application support all kinds of secondary storage like multimedia card, memory stick pro, duo, XD-picture, removable USB storage, mini, micro and SD card. Revives your records and documents even drive is formatted or unformatted. Mostly all famous brands like Kodak, HP, Samsung and Fujifilm are supported by this tool. Undelete tool extract your required and significant files in the previous format, in which format your files were lost. This can not perform adding and deleting operations. Means updating is not possible by this. It support all windows versions like ME, NT, 98, 2003, 2000, server 2008, vista and longhorn. Application is easily run with all famous brand names like Olympus, Sanyo, Nikon, Pentax, Digital dream, Umax, Lumicron, Yakumo, Relisys, Aiptek, Benq, Ricoh, Sony, and Casio etc. Features: * It is simple in use, means that no more technical knowledge is required to work with this. * It has a graphical user interface facility that makes software simple to understand and work. * Recover damaged and deleted mpeg, jpeg pictures and images. * Retrieve audio, video, mp4, mp3 songs, music from iPod. * Also work with USB pen drive. * Support for all brands name of storage media like Sony, Samsung, Mustek, Acer etc. * By this utility you can rescue your crashed or missing files and folders. * Simply work with compact flash, XD-picture, memory stick duo, pro and multimedia cards. * Data recovery tool runs effectively on windows versions.

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Affordable barcode inventory software provides helping hand for all small and large scale organizations such as Retail sector, Healthcare, Telecom industry, Postal services, Price item marking, Automobile, Transportation, Ticketing, etc to generate barcode images in few clicks of mouse. Advance barcode creator application effectively generates customized barcode labels by using different designing object features such as Texts, Lines, Pencils, Curve, Ellipse, Rectangle etc. Best barcode label maker program facilitates users to copy and paste created barcode images in various MS Windows application including Excel, Word and Paint etc. Barcode printer utility provides option to create barcode labels with or without specifying any barcode value and caption. Advance barcode labeling tool easily works on all major versions of Windows operating system including Windows 7, XP, Vista, NT, ME, 2000 and 2003 successfully. Barcode maker application facilitates users with flexible barcode settings which enable them to easily alter size, color, shape and other dimensions of barcode labels. Best barcode labeling program streamlines with user friendly GUI interface to easily understand the functionality of software without acquiring any knowledge of special technical skills. Barcode labeling application helps users to easily install/uninstall the software as per requirement. Features: * Barcode generator software facilitates users to create bulk amount of barcode labels by using sequential, random or constant series option. * Best barcode label maker utility creates colorful and printable barcode labels with support to all major printers and scanners. * Reliable barcode printer tool facilitates users to import barcode list from computer system saved in text file format for further use. * Advance barcode creator program provides option to generate colored barcode labels by using advance color settings.

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Accidentally reset your iPod setting and your saved music and multimedia files become lost, try this user friendly iPod data recovery application which uses advance and secure erased files recovery algorithms and get back almost 100% of your lost information from corrupted iPod. Software scan entire disk of your iPod Mini, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod U2, iPod Shuffle etc of all generation series and storage capacity to recover lost pictures, media songs, animation file, graphics documents and many more. iPod disk files restoration application display preview of entire recovered data at system screen and facilitate user to save them at user specified location. Professional data recovery software works even your iPod become corrupted, virus infected or formatted on Windows or Macintosh operating system. This application gets back your lost files like m4a, mp3, mov, QuickTime and jpeg in their original file extension without modifying their original structures. Frozen iPod file rescue tool support all Microsoft windows operating system from 98 to all Vista edition even iPod music player is not recognized by your laptop or desktop computer system. Free trial edition available with inbuilt help manual and helps you to aware with software working and procedure. Apple iPod music files recovery software features: * Capable to scan entire drive and display preview of each recovered data at system screen. * Undelete file lost because of a virus attack, corruption or any user's malicious behavior. * Recover deleted pictures, music songs, graphics file and other saved multimedia files. * Free to try, download trial edition from website and aware with software working. * Support all models of Apple iPod of all storage capacity. * Provide real time worldwide customer support by Email address. * Comes with interactive GUI and does not require any additional hardware or software.

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Expertise Sim Card Recovery utility facilitates users to efficiently regain overall misplaced or intentionally erased valuable data including text messages such as inbox SMS, outbox messages, sent items, drafts, deleted important official messages, unread SMS and many others in simplified manner. allow users with extraordinary feature to simply recuperate accidentally removed or missed valuable phonebook saved contact number details including last dialed or fixed dialed number information, ICC identification number along with their date, time, location details and many others. GUI functionality enables users to friendly work with SIM card data retrieval application without having any specialized technical knowledge or expertise guidance for executing. Best and cost effective SIM Card Recover software enable users to easily restore all deleted mobile phone sim card memory saved important data at user defined location in computer system machine or laptop for future reference. facilitates users to economically regain and restore missed or lost text messages, SIM card identification number, memory stored contact number directory list and other details removed or intentionally deleted due to human fault, virus or worm attack, hardware/software malfunctioning, corrupted cell phone sim card and many other reason. Features: * Specialized Sim Card Recovery software offer users to simply restore entire missed or deleted important text messages whether read or unread in easiest way. * enables users with advance feature to view retrieved important data whenever required. * Innovative Sim Card Data restoration utility allows users to conveniently salvage overall misplaced or removed valuable data in just few countable steps.

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Retail Inventory Barcodes Generator software facilitates users to efficiently produce barcodes in various formats including labels, asset tags, price stickers, discount coupons, rolls, holograms, badges, wrist bands and others in few countable steps. Inventory Control and Retail Business Barcode Label creating application frequently works with all major linear and two dimensional barcode font symbologies including coda bar, EAN 13, EAN 8, Interleaved 2 of 5, Industrial 2 of 5, LOGMARS, UCC/EAN-128, MSIPlessey, UPCA, Telepen, UPCE, Aztec, Databar, Databar Expanded, Databar Stacked, Databar Truncated and may more. Retail Inventory Barcodes Generator utility enables users with extraordinary feature to simple generate amazing and striking barcode sticker images according to their business needs and saves them in various file formats including jpeg, tiff, riff, exif, png, bmp, bitmap, jpg, wmf, emf and others at specified location in computer system or laptop for further reference. Graphical user interface allows you to conveniently work with Retail Inventory Barcodes Generator application without having any special professional training or expert guidance for operating utility. Features: * Retail Inventory Barcodes Generator program offer users to simply craft and print multicolor barcode labels and stickers in minimum span of time. * Retail Inventory Barcodes Generator software allows users to copy and paste created images at particular application including Microsoft word, excel, paint and others in simplified manner. * Expertise Retail Inventory Barcodes Generator utility is integrated with wide range of font setting, color setting and image setting features. * Retail Inventory Barcodes Generator tool allows you to create new barcode labels or modify existing one according to business requirements.

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Mobile phone sim card sms backup tool retrieve missing sms, virus infected text messages and accidentally deleted contact numbers information from your damaged sim card. Sim card information recovery software recover inbox, outbox, drafts read unread messages even if they are not readable or even sim card is blocked. Sim card information reader software provides ICC identification number printed on sim card along with service provider name. Sim card sms recovery utility provide graphical user interface that helps those users who wants to restore accidentally erased messages, sms from sim card memory. Sim card sms recovery software is read only and non destructive tool for retrieving deleted or erased messages, sent items sms from sim card memory. Sim card information reader tool recover deleted data with minimum time without affecting other important data of your mobile phone. Mobile sim card sms backup software restores accidentally deleted phone book memory and erased contact details. Mobile cell phone message salvage tool operates easily on all versions of windows operating system including Windows Vista, 98, XP, 2000, 2003, ME, NT etc. Software read and scan SIM cards of any country with any network. Sim card sms retrieval utility provide an option to print recovered information including mobile phone sim card lost messages, phone numbers and text sms. USB sim card reader utility retrieve recently deleted sms, contact details and allows viewing date and sending time of text message.Features:*Sim card sms recovery software retrieve deleted text messages and phone book contact numbers. *Sim card sms rescue tool easily read sim card of any country with any network.*Display all recovered data on computer screen before save them.* Software is easily understandable by technical and non-technical person.*Utility provides fill backup of your mobile phone sim card memory.

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Are you searching cheapest and powerful software to regains all type deleted data from Macintosh smart phones? Now stop your searching! DRPU provides best and excellent software Recover Files for Mac to solve your daily data loss problems in convenient reliable and comprehensive techniques. MAC cell phone data retrieval application successfully renovates all type deleted corrupted erased or misplaced data from all latest popular and admired Macintosh mobile phones including BlackBerry, LG, T-Mobile, Sony Ericsson, BenQ, Siemens, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Nokia and many more. Specialist Recover Files for Mac software provides highly interactive best pretty and impressive GUI interface from those novice clients can smoothly and easily control its magic elements without any industrial training necessitates. Mobile phone data recovery software for Apple Macintosh OS X successfully get back all type deleted data like video albums, audio song, mp3/mp4 music files, e-book, wallpapers, holiday pictures, weeding anniversary photographs and other crucial files in minimal time. Specialist Recover Files for Mac application quickly restore lost data from all major situations including Blocked mobile phone, Logically crashed mobile phone device, Failure cellular phone battery, Human mistakes, Accidentally crashed phone book memory, Virus/worm infections, Improper device usage and other incidents. Excellent Recover Files for Mac application allow downloading free trial demo edition to know its premium elements and powerful operational capabilities before ordering Apple Macintosh OS X mobile phone data recovery software. Features: * Recover Files for Mac software helps to get back all missing data from Macintosh cellular phone and memory cards. * Advance mobile phone data recovery utility successfully rescue all type image extension files like png, emf, riff, wmf, tiff, exif, mpeg etc. * MAC data recovery application supports Mac OS based Laptop/Desktop computer machines.

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Windows FAT NTFS data recovery software recovers all files and folders which have been erased due to improper system shutdown, power failure, hardware faults and any human error. Windows Vista partition retrieval tool provides facility to restore all lost or deleted audio clips, videos, excel sheet, notebook and other office documents from corrupted or formatted hard disk drive. Windows partition restoration software retrieves unrecognized or inaccessible photos, pictures, images, songs and valuable data from all type of windows partition such as VFAT, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5. You can recover and restore all your corrupted or damaged data completely from logically crashed or virus infected hard disk by using Windows FAT NTFS partition restoration utility. Windows file system recovery tool easily recovers lost or missed files and folders from emptied recycle bin. Windows hard disk data rescue utility is compatible with various hard drives like ATA, SCSI, IDE, EIDE and SATA. Windows Vista erased files recovery software supports all windows OS such as windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Enterprise and Business). Features: * Windows partition restoration software retrieves all corrupted or deleted audio, video clips, mp3 songs and other data from formatted FAT NTFS partition. * Windows hard disk lost data rescue tool restores all files which have been erased by using SHIFT + DEL keys from keyboard. * Windows FAT NTFS file system recovery utility recovers undetectable or inaccessible data from logically corrupted or bad sector affected hard disk. * Windows Vista data retrieval software salvages missed photos, music files and jpeg, mpeg, doc, wav formats files from damaged windows FAT NTFS file systems. * Windows deleted data recovery tool is very easy to use and does not require any technical skill to install or uninstall.

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Company offers USB Drive Data Recovery software provides instance recovery of lost music files, audio, video clips, MS word files, photographs and others similar files or folders details in a few mouse clicks anyplace without any extra knowledge and technical skills. Advanced restoration software easily or quickly download on is works with major removable media brands like Sony, Samsung, Hp, Toshiba, Fuji and completely supports all versions of window operating system in a few mouse clicks anywhere. Innovative USB Drive Data Recovery program restore or retrieve your overall laptop missing, lost, misplaced files and folders information like digital images, photographs, music files, snap collection after accidental corrupted or formatted flash media removable drive without any extra knowledge in a few easy mouse clicks. Comprehensive retrieval program capable to restore your overall computer deleted, damaged, corrupted lost files and folders data records from external storage media device like XD card, memory card, smart media, jump drive, PDA, multimedia card, secure digital card and compact flash without any extra charges in a few mouse clicks anywhere. Highly technical data recovery software restores your overall formatted or corrupted USB media drive details like captured screenshots images, music files, mp3 music collections, business presentation folders in a few minutes without any extra help or technical skills anyplace. Important Features: *Company offers USB Drive Data Recovery software retrieve your overall computer missing or lost mp3 music files or others details. * Highly technical recovery software easily restores your overall formatted or corrupted system files or folders information from USB removal media device. *Time saving data retrieval computer program easily install on your laptop and recovers missing images, photographs information without any extra effects in a few minutes.

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Windows partition data undelete software retrieves erased data (like office documents, txt files, audio, video, music, songs, PPT slides) in minimum time lost due to hardware software corruption, sudden system shutdown, unintentionally formatted hard disk drive volume. Data Doctor windows data recovery program salvages different types of missing or erased file formats including pptx, wav, jpeg, html, pdf and doc. Window Vista partition rescue tool supports data retrieval from all Microsoft windows operating system like Windows 98, 2000, Server 2003, NT, ME, XP and Vista editions. Windows hard disk data recovery utility is secure and simple to use facilitates with GUI (graphical user interface) based environment and easily operated by any level of user (beginner to expert). Windows FAT NTFS data retrieval software support data recovery from all major hard disk manufacturers including Samsung, Toshiba and Seagate etc. Data Doctor windows files retrieval program salvages all your data files even DBR (Dos Boot Record), MBR (Master Boot Record) and root directory is damaged or lost. Data Doctor windows partition backup recovery program rescues various types of valuable documents like image files, emails, snaps, screen savers, power point presentations, database records and audio video clippings. Windows files system data undelete application retrieves partially or completely deleted files, directories, sub directories from hard disk. Features: * Windows hard disk data recovery software retrieves data from previously existing partitions or bad sector and virus affected hard disk drives. * Windows Vista file restoration utility salvages data even when partition table, boot record, master file table (MFT), dos boot record (DBR) or root directory is corrupt. * Data Doctor windows FAT NTFS data recovery application rescues data deleted using Shift+Del key and erased from recycle bin.

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MySQL to MSSQL database migration tool is the High speed database converter utility provides best performed to converts database file of MySQL to Microsoft SQL server 2000 format. Application helps to change the tables, attributes and indexes primary key, foreign key unique key defaults, not null values of database file according to destination database. Tool quick exports the database tables (structures and data) of large database file and convert into other format efficiently. Utility also maintains database integrity. Application software has a feature to convert data tables records by selected particular tables. Program gives option to the users either overwrites the contents of an existing data files or creates new database for saving resulted data files. Tool easily configured with both types of authentic mode (mixed or windows). Produced utility has an attractive vogue graphical user interface that help user to migrate database. Utility supports to run under any window operating system include Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, 2003, XP, and VISTA. Ensuring a flexible migration process, it allows you to customize the conversion to fully meet your needs. Features: *Application performs the safe data conversion and database integrity at the time of database migration. *Software can customize your data migration process and database copying totally. *MySQL to MSSQL database conversion utility is the full UNICODE architecture support and can converts individual table or a group of tables. *Software conversion database tables, indexes and primary keys, foreign keys with all necessary attributes. *Software converts MySQL table data into new database or overwrites the contents of an existing MSSQL database. *Software supports both mixed or windows mode authentication. *Produced utility has very interactive Graphical User Interface and very easy-to-use.

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Memory card data recovery application restores erased files and folders from flash card, MMC, Micro Stick, CF etc. SanDisk memory stick files recovery tool capable to support wide range manufacturers made memory card like Kingston, Cannon, Samsung, Transcend, Konica, Sony, Olympus, Nikon, Yakumo, Panasonic etc. Compact flash card data salvage program works under windows 98, NT, ME, 2000 (professional, server, advance server), XP (home, professional, media center), 2003 and Vista operating system. Memory stick data restoration utility is simple to use and easily handles by beginner or expert users. Application is fully compatible with all type of memory cards like Micro sD, Mini sD, MMC, MS (Micro Stick), CF (Compact Flash), xD, T-Flash, 3C and many more. Flash card file and folder rescue software can also restore data from memory card even DRIVE NOT FORMATTED message displayed. Application capable to recover data from memory card attached to digital camera, palmtop, mobile phone etc. SanDisk memory stick files recovery program supports all files format like jpeg, rm, gif, avi, wma, tiff, bmp, midi, mov, wav and many more. Software having inbuilt user help manual to support user at various step of data recovery. Features: * PSP Memory card data restoration utility supports various file formats. * Application capable to recover files and folders from inaccessible memory cards. * xD card data recovery software can support all major manufacturers made memory card like Transcend, Konica, Kingston, Olympus, Nikon, Yakumo, Samsung etc. * Tool can support various types of memory card such as like xD card, sD card, mini card, micro card, MMC and many more. * Memory stick files recovery program recovers data from different capacities memory card.

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Microsoft Access to MySQL DB conversion utility facilitates user to select MS Access database table records, rows, columns, indexes, null values, default values, triggers, unique key, foreign key, primary key constraints with all necessary data type and converts them into equivalent MySQL file format. MS Access to MySQL conversion program provides highly secure and consistent solution to migrate password protected MS Access DB records into MySQL database server in just few minutes. Advanced MS Access to MySQL database migration application supports Unicode architecture, multibyte character set and command line parameters. Microsoft Access database converter allows user to accurately migrate either complete DB table structure or only selective table records (as per user choice) using standard DB conversion algorithm. MS Access to MySQL conversion program provides an inbuilt help option to illustrate wizard installation procedure and each working step of tool. Software to build MySQL database files from existing MS Access format supports all popular versions of MS Access and MySQL database server. Utility is fully capable to maintain originality and basic functionality of database records even after the successful conversion of MS Access table entries into MySQL database. Features: * MS Access DB to MySQL DB migration tool facilitates to save converted database records at user specified location. * MS Access to MySQL conversion software supports both type of configuration settings including windows authentication mode and mixed mode authentication. * Program ensures maintaining database integrity and consistency throughout the conversion process. * MS Access to MySQL conversion program provides highly interactive GUI and works efficiently with all major windows based OS. * Application does not require any technical skills for its operation, thereby enables both technical as well as non technical users to handle the software in a convenient manner.

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Company offers highly advanced SMS App for Android mobile phones that provides you full functionality and flexibility to generate bulky messages and sends them to your friends, business clients or individual one all over the world without having any internet gateway or internet connection just in fewer seconds with your nominal efforts. Automatic freeware bulk SMS tool for Android mobile phone enables users to broadcast boundless messages in form of job alerts, product promotions, best wishes, event messages, seasonal greetings, business advertisement, ads campaigns, inauguration invitations and personal messages to other users. Technically sound SMS App for Android makes you capable to create mass messages and sends them to a user or group of user only in fewer clicks of mouse at very low cost. Best freeware SMS App for Android is organized with real time graphical environment and supports all major brands of Windows operating system including Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7 and similarly other higher versions of Windows operating system. Powerful bulk messaging software provides you advanced functionality to compose and save overall information of messages for further reference. Flexible SMS App for Android cell phone users sends large number of messages from your personal computer to group of users residing in national or international place and doesn’t require any internet connection to send messages. Reliable and high quality text messaging application conveniently forward text alerts and SMS to your friends, relatives, cousins, individual, business clients or list of phone numbers just in less time and save your money in making unnecessary phone calls. Features: * Provides you the best way to broadcast your messages to a group of contacts effectively. * Doesn’t require any previous technical knowledge to operate it. * Allow you to compose bulk messages and sends them all over the world without any internet connection.

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Removable drive file restoration software safely recovers accidentally deleted data from crashed USB removable media. Removable media data retrieval program restore all types of lost audio, video, picture and image files from formatted USB storage removable media. Removable drive data recovery application supports data backup from various branded removable media devices like Sony, Transcends, Toshiba and Canon. Removable media file retrieval program supports inaccessible files recovery from various advanced versions of removable storage media devices of any capacity. Removable drive data backup software completely retrieves deleted root directory, subdirectory, secret office files and other important documents from USB removable media. Removable media file unerase program retrieves deleted data from different types of damaged removable storage media and maintain data quality. Removable drive data recovery software provides full install/uninstall feature under all versions of Windows operating system. Application also supports long size file recovery from formatted USB removable media. Features: * Removable drive data unerase program recovers entire deleted secret files and inaccessible folders from crashed removable storage media. * Removable media file restoration tool recovers lost data in original format from accidentally corrupted USB removable drives. * Removable drive data backup software safely retrieves erased data saved in multiple multimedia files (MPEG, JPEG, MP3 JPG) and maintains data quality. * Removable media file retrieval application easily works with all major manufacturers of removable media like Kodak, HP, Olympus and Sony. * Software also provides highly interactive wizard style GUI interface under all versions of Windows operating system.

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Windows based Birthday Card Designing application includes predefined text messages as per your choice. Best wishes cards designing tool manufactures birthday cards in different types of Quarter and Half folds features. Software from is capable to generate high resolution birthday cards for father, mother, sister, brother, friend’s etc using word art text styling features. Professional Birthday Card Designing utility generates birthday cards in various shapes include rounder rectangle, CD/DVD label shape, ellipse, and rectangle shape. Easy to handle greeting cards maker software designs birthday cards using multicolored, text, line, triangle, star, arc, curve, pencil, pictures and various other designing objects. Technically advanced Birthday Card Designing program offers image, text, background setting options with solid and gradient color features. Best wishes designing utility is inbuilt with data set series features to allow users to generate multiple copies of greeting cards with different text setting options. program add text on cards in various forms while manufacturing birthday card using text feature property. Features: * Expert Birthday Card Designing software designs customized high resolution greeting cards with standard print setting. * User friendly greeting card designing tool supports Windows based operating system to design beautiful best wishes cards. * Affordable Birthday Card Designing application offers to select image from library while designing eye catching greeting cards. * Simple to handle Card Designing software doesn’t require any technical assistance or guidance while creating cards for your family members.

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SIM card data recovery software is cost effective solution to quickly recover complete information of received and sent text messages, contact numbers from inaccessible SIM card memory. SIM card data restoration application is safe and reliable tool to restore your precious data of GSM SIM which were lost due to virus attack, damaged SIM card memory, software corruption, improper handling of device etc. Professional sim card data retrieval program can retrieve current deleted dialed and received call list and stores recovered information at user-defined location for further use. SIM card data recovery software backup entire intentionally erased text messages from crashed SIM card. Software provides facility to print detailed reports of recovered information (text messages, phone numbers) in text format for further reference. Mobile phone SIM card contacts restoration program securely scans your all national or international GSM based SIM card and retrieves entire information including SPN (service provider name) and network location. SIM card data recovery software is compatible with all windows based desktop/laptop computers. SIM card SMS rescue application is able to recover a number of text messages within minimum time interval. Features: * SIM card data recovery software immediately recovers all erased text messages and deleted phone book records from damaged SIM card without affecting other data. * Mobile SIM card data retrieval application safely retrieves unreadable and encrypted data from SIM card of any network. * Application provides install and uninstall support with interactive GUI and fully compatible with all windows OS. * GSM based mobile SIM card SMS restoration tool provide complete backup of missed SIM information even if SIM card of cell phone is corrupted.

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Data Doctor professional iPod nano file recovery software restores accidently erased files and folders contain digital data. iPod iTunes restoration tool recovers lost images, pictures, music files and every type of stored data from iPod memory. Advanced iPod nano data rescue utility retrieves files and folders lost due to human error, power failure or virus attack. iPod file salvages application supports all Apple iPod brands like iPod nano, mini, Touch, U2, Hi-Fi and home stereo from first generation to latest generation. iPod iTunes data recovery program recovers deleted files even system displays an error messages like “Drive not formatted” or “Drive not detected” while accessing on your computer. iPod music restoration software supports to retrieve formatted data from all major branded iPod devices available in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and higher capacities. Apple iPod file salvage utility provides facility to preview all recovered data and save them at user specified location on your computer hard disk in their original format. iPod nano data recovery program provides interactive GUI wizard so that technical and non technical user easily operate this software. iPod recovery tool retrieves formatted data from all versions of Windows OS including Vista (Business, Ultimate, Enterprise). Features: * iPod nano recovery software restores every type of lost data like mp3, mp4 music files, audio-video songs, bmp, gif, jpg picture files and other stored digital data. * Software recovers erased files and folders lost due to virus attack, improper devices handling or hardware failure. * iPod iTunes restoration tool retrieves deleted data from all Apple iPod devices available in different capacities. * iPod data rescue utility salvages lost files even your devices not recognized by computer.

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Recovering Mac Files software is highly reliable and advanced picture restoration tool which recovers entire lost and erased photographs, images, snapshots, wallpapers and other graphic files in less time and affords. Mac photo recovery application offers excellent disk scanning and preview facility to search all deleted files and restore them on specified location in Mac system as per user requirement. Image retrieval software is easy to operate and support interactive working environment to easily recover missing data from digital storage media by all categories of users without requiring any technical knowledge. Mac picture salvage tool instantly restores misplaced graphic files and folders from hard disks and digital removable devices including pen drive, Secure Digital Card, Memory Stick PRO, Multi Media Card, XD Picture Card, mobile Phone, Compact Flash, thumb drive, jump drive, digital camera and others. Users can safely recover damaged files from all data loss situations like virus attacks, accidental deletion, disk crash, drive format, software malfunctioning, hardware failure, emptied trash folder and other logical problems. Photo restoration utility for Mac supports different brands of USB removable devices like Nikon, Kingston, Transcend, Panasonic, Samsung, Kingston, Ricoh, Sanyo, Casio and many more. Users can download demo version of Recovering Mac Files software from company website to evaluate features and functionalities before buying licensed version application. Features: * Elegant software recovers lost image and photographs from hard disk drive and USB media on Mac. * Offers simple and effective user interface to easily recover files by technical and non technical users. * Supports advanced disk scanning mechanism to restore all lost pictures saved in different formats. * Supports various types of removable storage drives to regain files with maintaining their original quality.

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Dekart sim card reader provides quick and easy solution for recovering the all lost and corrupted sms, contact name and numbers. USB sim card information backup device gives the full backup of your deleted data items and restore them into the sim card memory. Contact reader software recovers missing or misplaced data from your sim card. Sim card sms recovery application can rescue read and unread inbox, outbox text messages including with message sender name and number. SIM card mobile express card reader also recoup all details of call like dialed calls, missed calls and received call information. Sim card message backup machine revives your mislaid data taking minimum time without affecting any previously saved data items. Data processing tool is non-destructive and read only software that supports all major types of sim card readers like LG-SIMCR-001, Micro SD/T-F Card, GF-CR05, ESR4618, GF-SCB-601, ACR38T, ACT30, ACR38DT Dual Key smart card, USB2.0 All-In-1 Card, 3.5", 5.25" Internal Card, T-flash and Imono USB 2.0 SD SIM card readers. Program supports all types of card reader, seller, maker, manufacturer, hardware. It salvages your important data when your sim is not locked and does not require any pin code or authorization code. Features: * Application recovers your sms messages that are not readable in your mobile phone. * Provides the printing facility that prints the entire recovered item. * Sim card SMS reader tool fetches the data that is accidently erased. * Software can easily rescue your erased information using the card reader and personal computer. * Program revives your data from every type of sim cards that belongs from any country or network. * It is non-destructive and read only utility that easily operate on all versions of windows operating system. * Software examines the contents stored in the sim card like contact name, numbers, sms.

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FAT deleted files retrieval software supports all FAT file formats including FAT12, FAT16, VFAT and FAT32 file system. FAT data revival software securely handles all hard disk error like bad sector, drive not found or disk not formatted and available you with all deleted files. FAT files restore software support recovery from all multi storage hard disk drives including IDE, EIDE, SCSI, ATA and SATA. FAT data restore software has support for long name files as well as encrypted and compressed files. FAT lost data recovery software retrieves all temporarily or permanently deleted files by emptied recycle bin and Shift+Del keys respectively. FAT deleted file restore software retrieves all file and folders encoded in any encoding system. FAT lost data retrieval software supports all compressed and encrypted files recovery including zip, rar, EFS (Encrypted file system), doc, docx, pdf, bmp, gif, jpg, png, aac, ra, mp3, wma, 3gp, avi, mpg, mp4, asp, jsp, php, and pl. FAT data rescue utility supports all windows operating systems including windows server 2008, server 2000, 2003, NT, XP and Vista. Advance search feature of FAT data recovery software enables you to retrieve every single bit of deleted data. Hard disk FAT file data recovery software has easy to use graphical user interface and user manual. Feature: *FAT deleted MFT recovery software retrieves all audio, video and office file by reestablishing the references to lost files. *Repair MBR (Master Boot Record), Partition Table, Boot Sector records. *Scan damaged hard drives and detects deleted FAT partitions and saves at safe location. * Added support to display long file names and non-english (Unicode) file names.

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Digital camera lost pictures recovery tool is helpful in retrieving deleted data files like (RIFF, TIFF, K25, KDC, DCS, DCR, DRF, WMA, RAW, AIFF, GIF, 3GP, MOV, AVI, PNG, TIFF, MPG, MIDI, JPG, JPEG, BMP, WAV) pictures, snapshots with support to all major digital camera brands including Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Jet flash, SiPix and other digital camera. Corrupted digital camera pictures retrieval software gets back lost digital photos, albums, photographs from your formatted digital camera of various manufactures like Hitachi, Olympus, Philips, Epson, Ericsson and other latest brand items. Digital camera deleted photo recovery software support all major memory card of digital camera including Memory stick, SD, MMC, xD-Picture Card, Secure digital, IBM micro drive, Smart Media, Multimedia card, ATA PC card, Compact flash etc. Digital camera image recovery tool restores all your corrupted video movies, clips, albums lost due to Software/Hardware malfunction, Virus Attack or Power Failure from formatted multimedia cards of camcorder. Restore deleted digital camera photos even when “Drive not formatted” or “Drive not detected” messages are displayed on your computer screen while accessing the digital camera. Features: * Digital camera data recovery software provides simple and easy to use user friendly GUI graphical user interface. * Corrupt digital camera retrieval tool easily used by technical as well as non technical users. * Digital camera lost pictures recovery software supports all type of major brands including Fuji Film, Casio, Fuji, Konica, Olympus, Panasonic, Imation, Sanyo, Minolta, LG, Lexar, Mitsubishi, Kyocera, Leica, Phillips, Toshiba, SanDisk, Hitachi, Pentax, Yashica etc. * Digital camera recovery tool supports various operating systems like Windows 98, 2000, 2003 Server, NT, ME, XP and Vista operating system.

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The SysInfo MAC MBOX Converter Tool is an advanced tool that can efficiently convert MAC MBOX mailbox to EML, EMLX, PST, TXT, MSG, HTML, MHTML, and various other file formats. In addition to this software directly exports MBOX Files to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Office 365, Thunderbird, iCloud Email, Live Exchange, and different email clients. The risk of data loss is zero and the tool gives the guarantee of 100% conversion without affecting the hierarchy of files and folders present in the MBOX file. This tool is capable of converting MBX/MBS/MSF files into various file formats easily. Also, there is no file size limitation of adding the MBOX files in MBOX Migrator for MAC. Some important features that are offered by the tool are Date Range Feature and Naming Convention. The date Range feature allows the users to select specific files based on the date that the user wishes to select for conversion. The Naming Convention feature allows the user to rename the resultant files after MBOX file migration. The tool comes with an easy and self instructive user interface and can be used easily by a non-technical user. There is an option to migrate multiple MBOX files at once. In addition to this, the MBOX to PST Converter for MAC provides the option to remove duplicate files from the resultant files as these make the files too large. The tool smoothly runs on all the versions of the MAC Operating system.

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iPod file repair surely be the best suited utility for almost every instances of iPod data loss by restoring your valuable file and folders containing audio, snapshots, digital images etc into user defined location. Freeware iPod data salvage utility gets back all missing files from any corrupted iPod due to virus infection, software malfunctions, power surge or any human errors etc. iPod media files restoration software is also able to get back all missing data which were deleted using (shift+delete) command or cleared from recycle bin. iPod music files repair utility can save all recoverable information into log files for future use. iPod folders recovery tool support to all file formats, so it can easily manage recovery of any format which can be saved in iPods. Software offers you preview of all recoverable data before actual repair process starts. iPod file salvage tool supports all major brands of any variety of iPod like apple, iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod mini, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, iPod first generation and iPod next generation. IPod repair specialist utility can easily be installed on any windows operating system such as 98, 2000, 2003 server, XP, NT, ME and Vista. Features: *iPod repair service tool reliably restores your valuable data which were lost in any case of accidental deletion. *iPod file rescue software supports all leading iPod manufacturers of any configuration. *Utility can save all recovered information into user defined location. *Tool maintains the originality of recovered data.

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USB Restore software retrieves corrupted files and folder lost due to human mistake, virus attack, logically crashed storage device and many more data loss reasons. offers quick and comprehensive solution to rescue deleted files which are saved in various file extensions. Award winning USB drive data recovery software allows complete solution to retrieve erased images without any requirement of prior technical expertise. Removable media data recovery software is most powerful tool to restore deleted pictures saved in jpeg, png, wmf, tiff and many more. USB Restore utility has cost effective solution to retrieve valuable moment pictures without wastage time and valuable money. Easy to installation picture recovery application provides reliable and non destructive solution to restore lost wedding pictures, photographs, cute baby snaps in comprehensive way. Data recovery utility salvage erased information from accidentally corrupted removable flash drive with full accuracy. Pen drive data recovery application is fully professional tool to retrieve deleted and missing files from commonly used digital pen drives. Removable media data recovery software supports all major usb drive storage media including pocket drive, thumb drive, smart drive, handy drive and much more. Memory card data recovery software regains damaged data with effective preview feature to view damaged files before actual recovery process executes. Features:- *Picture recovery application salvage data deleted due to accidental deletion, virus attack, power surges etc. * USB Restore utility salvage accidentally deleted valuable pictures even when error message is displayed on PC screen. *Most convenient and reliable DDR professional data recovery software supports major usb drive storage media brands like Sony, SanDisk, Transcend etc. *Pen drive data recovery software restores missing or inaccessible files from memory stick in simplest way.

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Are you looking professional and affordable software to restore accidentally deleted data from mobile phones (contact numbers, wallpapers, audio/video music albums, text files, picture etc)? Don’t panic Company offers advance and best Mobile Mac Restore software to solve your problems in time convenient approach. Mobile phone data recovery utility for Apple Macintosh OS X includes nice-looking, pretty friendly GUI interface from those novice software buyers can frankly handle advance mobile phone recovery tools without technical expertise. Comprehensive mac mobile phone data recovery application successfully restores your missing crucial files and folders due to all major data loss cases including Inaccessible cell phones, Human mistakes, Accidentally crashed phone book memory, Failure mobile battery, blocked mobile phone, Logically crashed device, Virus infected mobile phones, Improper device usage, Accidental deletion and other major data loss situations. Mobile Mac Restore application supports all major brands of cell phones similar to Sony Ericsson, Vodafone, Samsung, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia and etc. Mobile phone data restoration utility for MAC firstly and effortlessly recuperate all type extension file stored in mobile phone’ s memory cards like png, exif, avi, emf, riff, jpeg, wmf, tiff, mp3, mpeg, txt, mp4 and many more. Comprehensive and powerful Mobile Mac Restore utility allow to download free trial demo edition to know proficient working capabilities and best features before ordering cell phone data recovery software. Extraordinary software features: * Advance Mobile Mac Restore application presents excellent and reliable solutions to restore your lost memorable photographs, books, music song etc from mobile phone storage devices. * Excellent Mac mobile data recovery utility usages very small system obligation for installation (256 MB Ram, 10 MB Hard disk). * Cellular phone data recovery software supports all major MAC OS X Based Desktop/Laptop.

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PSP Memory card files recovery utility use to rescue deleted, corrupted files of different formats like mp3, gif, dat, jpeg, gif, zip, rar, mpg, rm etc from various type of memory card like mini card, multimedia card, smart media, removable flash card, XD, SD, multimedia memory card etc. CF card data recovery utility easily works in windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, 2003, Vista installed computer either desktop PC or portable computer like laptop, notebook, palmtop, PDA. PSP Memory card file recovery program is very easy to use in restoration of file, does not require much technical knowledge to use and restore any from memory cards. Software also available with built in help manual to know about various process and their steps of use in the software. PSP Memory card data recovery software supports card of various manufacture like Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, Olympus, Kingston, Jet Flash, Acer, Fujifilm, HP, Jenoptik, Kodak, Konica, Lumicron, Mustek, Nikon, Panasonic, Pentax, Philips, Praktica, Relisys, Ricoh, Umax, Vivitar, Yakumo, Aiptek, BenQ, Canon, Casio, Digital Dream etc. SDHC memory cards recovery helpful in restoring accidentally erased picture, image, photo, audio, video files even if the media is corrupted and you cannot access it or the memory card being pulled out while the camera or other device was on. Features: * Support JPG JPEG TIF GIF RIFF TIFF AVI PNG BMP 3gp MPEG MOV WAV MIDI and other file format. * Support all type of USB card reader for the complete data recovery. * Software restores file even when Drive Not Formatted or Drive Not Recognized. * Undelete data from various cards like XD card, SD card, smart card, smart media, mini card, micro card and other memory card.

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