MySQL to MS SQL server database migration software provides comprehensive solution to convert large volume of database records from MySQL server into MSSQL format with great accuracy and reliability. Database file transformation program facilitates you to make choice for transferring entire db schema or selected MySQL table records including attributes, data types, views, index structures, triggers, null values, default values, entities, key constraints (unique, primary or foreign) and stored procedures into Microsoft SQL server in just one click. Database synchronization software is fully capable of proficiently converting all authenticated password protected DB files into corresponding MS SQL server format without affecting the originality of source database. Distributed database file conversion utility effectively manages integrity of your database and supports Unicode architecture with multi byte character set. MySQL db migration program is an affordable tool enables you to save new database at user specified location or overwrite into subsisting (MSSQL) database. Database converter software uses extensive data conversion algorithms to migrate hierarchy of tables including rows, columns and all major attributes from MySQL into MS SQL server. Database migration tool avoids database anomalies including insert, modify, update and delete. Features: * Database conversion software provides best solution to migrate whole or selected MySQL database records into MSSQL format within less time. * DB migration tool operates in both Windows and mixed authentication mode. * Distributed database file transformation tool avoids database redundancy and supports all versions of MySQL, MSSQL server. * GUI based db converter software provides inbuilt help manual for both technical and non-technical users.
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