Barcode Designer Application design labels for the food industries, packaging companies, retail, industrial packaging, and other similar organization. Software provides two types of mode quick barcode mode and barcode designing view mode. Using barcode designing view mode user can create barcode labels with addition to different object. In Quick Barcode Mode user can print the multiple barcode or print as barcode sheets, rolls by changing the barcode header, footer value and also have different or same barcode values. Batch processing system allows to import the excel data sheets and text data to design the barcode labels for distribution industries. Application provides a general, font, and color setting which helps user customize the label according to requirement. Also, save the designed barcode labels in JPEG, gif, bitmap, JPG, PNG, and other file format. User can add tags, icons, and image in barcode label. Customize the label properties such as general properties (label shape, name, size, and type) and fill background (transparent, color, gradient) of the barcode label. Barcode maker application design barcode labels in less time and cost-effective manner. Application provides plain and user friendly interface, which a non-technical user easily operates, the software. Program provides drawing tools such as watermark, signature, text, label background etc. Highlighted features: Industries barcode label maker allows creating new or modifying existing barcode labels. Packaging barcode label maker tool provides option to generate bulk barcode labels, stickers, and tags as per requirement. Software provides various design objects, including pencil, rectangle, and ellipse to create barcode labels. Application gives the option to print multiple barcode labels on a single.
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