Barcode designing software for post office generates barcode label of different fonts and size for postal service and bank sectors. Key features of bank barcode maker software is that software allows users and creators to save created postal and bank barcode label anywhere on the system in various file format like JPEG, GIF, and Bitmap etc. post office barcode program can support Linear and 2-D barcode font. Postal and banking barcode making tool has provide 2 modes and these modes are – 1- Quick Barcode mode and 2- Barcode Designing view mode. Software has some other settings like- GENERAL SETTING, FONT SETTING, COLOR SETTINGS, and IMAGE SETTING in which user can easily design bank and barcode labels. In general setting we select the common details like Bearer bar ( Vertical, Horizontal), Narrow to Wide row, Character grouping, Left and right margin(mm), Top and Bottom margin(cm), Value margin(cm), Header and Footer margin(cm). Next is Font settings where we select the details like Barcode Header Font and Footer Font. Next we have colour setting in which user can easily select Barcode colour, Barcode Value colour, Barcode Background colour and set transparent. Next and last one is Image setting where we select clipboard image type first is Bitmap and second is Resolution Independent metafile , and image DPI, Orientation. Filled up all the details your barcode for bank and post office will generate by the software. Barcode designing software for post office generates ready to print barcode labels in various font, sizes or shapes of Labels provide flexible font settings. And you can re-create this. Bank barcode generating software allows you to send single and multiple images to a specified email ID. Barcode maker utility provides an option to use produced bank and postal barcode labels in specified Windows application including Microsoft Word, MS- Excel and MS-Paint etc.
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