Disk files wiper utility cleanup your deleted files records and ensure that deleted data is not recovered by any data recovery software available in market. Data cleaner software wipes most recently used application of office documents (word, excel, power point, access) and other similar type of data. File cleaning program can easily remove networks files and auxiliary temporary files such as setup files, log files, memory dump etc. External storage disk cleanup program wipes files and folders that improve the overall speed and performance of the computer. Secure data wiper tool permanently eliminates deleted system files including administrator temporary file, clipboard contents, system registry traces, Windows event log etc. Normally file deleting using Shift + Del keys does not remove data from hard disk drive and it can be recovered easily by using any file recovery software but using data shredder software, user deletes the confidential files information forever from ATA, SATA, SCSI and other disk drive or other removable storage media. Features: * Application deletes all type of files folder from all removable hard disk drive for improving your system performance. * Files wiper tool provides user friendly graphical user interface. * Easiest and fastest data erasure tool. * Eliminates passwords from system and Autocomplete and safeguard your computer privacy. * Disc cleanup program deletes any type of files, folders and directories from a single click. * Disk erasure utility can remove files records permanently from NTFS and FAT files system partition based hard drive.
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