SoftRM Assistant is an easy to use personal assistant. SoftRM Assistant connects Todo, Note, Finance(income and expense) through Activity. You can record finance(income and expense), write notes and manage todo with SoftRM Assistant. With SoftRM Assistant, you can quickly view the ongoing todos, view the total expense and total income of the activity, and view the notes of the activity. With SoftRM Assistant, you can customize the conditions to count the total income and expense, such as the transportation expenses of an activity in a period of time. Features: (1) Activity centered data management. (2)The data is stored locally, app can works without network connection. (3)Record income records and expense records. (4)Combine various conditions to make statistics of income and expense. (5)Write notes. You can write multiple notes for each activity. (6)To-do management. You can set reminder to to-do. (7)Backup and restore data.
finance, to-do, note, income, expense, statistics, android
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