Process to create barcode labels by using Shipment Logistics Labeling Software: Step1: Install Postal barcode label maker software on your Window Pc Step2: Run the software to generate linear or 2d barcode label for Postal barcode label maker software Step3: Select a mode from the Quick barcode mode or the Barcode designing view mode. Step4 (a): Quick barcode mode- *Select the barcode form the linear or 2D barcode *Software provide facility to Fill the Barcode Value, Barcode Header, and Barcode Footer Text fields, and also adjust the software general, color, image, and align header and footer settings (b): Barcode designing view- *Firstly go to the barcode designing view option and From the Drawing Tools menu, user creates a new Barcode (linear or 2D) and edits its attributes. *In this mode software allow user to choose the barcode shape and size based on your needs. *To edit Barcode attributes, double-click on the Barcode Image on Barcode label. User can customize the symbology of the Barcode typeface, as well as the size and style of the Header and Footer fonts. Step5: software has batch processing series option so user exports the Excel files containing barcode, header and footer Value to make various copies of labels with different barcode and text values. Step6: software has advanced print setting to print high resolution multiple barcode label for Post office Step7: software also provide email option to send Post office barcode labels at specific email address Step8: software export the barcode label as Image or PDF file format Highlighted Features: *Software support all kind of window operating system *Software provides facility to save generated postal barcodes in various types of file format including JPEG, GIF, and EXIF etc. *Software generates multiple sequences of barcode labels using the random, sequential, and constant value series generating option.
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