Mac messaging tool for android device require an android mobile phone to be successfully connected to the Mac system via a USB port for transferring multiple notification messages. Mac Texting Tool using Android Cell Phone is a dependable solution for sending large multi - language messages from a Mac PC to an infinite number of mobile phones (CDMA/GSM/Android) without the need for an internet connection. Software is a useful tool for all types of business to stimulate the communication process between businesses and their clients. Mac SMS transfer software for Android-based mobile phones requires a recipient number, which may be manually entered or loaded from a file by pressing the Load Contacts from File Button. User can send unique messages to every contact number by using Import and Composing Options. In the message composer box, users may write messages and apply them to a single or all of the numbers in the number list. By inputting the data from an Excel data sheet, users may send unique or customised SMS to each contact. The Update Selected Message button allows the user to update a specific message. Users may send national and international SMS to any number in any language, thanks to Unicode language support technology. Software Features: *Re-sending of unsuccessful messages is possible. *Sending large quantities of text messages from a computer does not require an internet connection. *Users can regulate message delivery for a set amount of time using the Delayed Delivery Option. *Users can store sent messages to templates using software. *When sending messages, the software has the option of using Exclusion Rules to exclude contacts from time to time.
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