Greeting card maker software provides you easy and simple graphical user interface to design and print greeting card easily in short time and minimum efforts. Software creates and prints eye catching and high quality Birthday Greeting card. User can use all the different types of features of the software for free and create your personalized and unique anniversary greeting card. Step 1: Download Greeting Card Maker Software Step 2: Select any one option from Start designing using Templates, Design Greeting Card using Wizard and Design Greeting Card using Blank Format. *Click next after you choose Start designing using Templates, and select card type, card category, visibility side, template and background as per your need. After filling all these fields click next and specify information about card title, message, Date and time. Click Ok button and your card is ready. *Design Greeting Card using Wizard option allows you to create your greeting card in a step-by-step procedure. Provide name, size, fold type, shape type, background and colours in step to step procedure and also fill information about label title, message, date and time according to your need. Your card is ready. *Design your greeting card using blank format where you can provide a name, shape, size and fold type. Step 3: Do some advanced level customization and editing to your card after using these three modes respectively. Use multiple object tools such as: pencil, ellipse, line, text, barcode and others. Step 4: Use Batch Processing Series option for creating multiple number of greeting cards in minimum time. Step 5: You can save your greeting card in PNG, JPG, ICO, TIFF, GIF, BMP etc. Step 6: You can preview and print your greeting card by using print setting option. Software Features: *You can create multiple greeting cards with unique value using Batch Processing Series. *Print designed greeting card using advance print setting. *Send designed card to any specific Email ID.
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