Identification Cards Maker Software speedily design and print all major types of ID cards like Visitor ID card, employee ID card, security ID card, Personal ID card, Government ID card, student ID card and many more. Professional identity card designing application is applicable to create multiple copies of ID cards with different barcode and text values. Step1: Download ID Card Design Software from website. Step2: Launch software and select one mode among three that are: Start with Template, Start by using Wizard, and Open with existing Label Format. *Select Start with Template and click next to choose your ID card type, size, template and background. *Use Start by using Wizard option to create ID card in a step by step procedure. Provide Card information, size, shape, background and border and click create card button to create your ID card. *After selecting Open with existing Label Format option, you can import previously design card template into the software to design a new card. Step3: After utilising these three modes, do some high level customization and modification to your card. Use tools like the pencil, ellipse, line, text, barcode, and others to create various objects. Step4: To create a large number of greeting cards in a short amount of time, choose the Batch Processing Series option. Step5: You may save your greeting card in a variety of image formats, including PNG, JPG, ICO, TIFF, GIF, BMP, and others. Step6: Using the print settings option, you can preview and print your greeting card. Software Features: *Advanced or flexible print settings can be used to print ID cards that have been created. *Send designed ID cards to a given email address using the built-in email capability. *Using batch processing series quickly create numerous ID cards with different text and barcode data. *Save professionally made ID cards in a variety of file types, including PDF, picture, and template, to a user-specified place.
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