Greeting Cards Creator Program allows you to build colourful greeting cards to give to your loved ones. The High Resolution Greeting Card Maker allows users to scan and print colourful cards on a single page, with a print preview feature to prevent printing problems. The Greeting Card Creation Program allows you to create the most beautiful cards in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of work. Step 1: Download Greeting Card Maker for Windows. Step 2: Launch software and select one of the following options among Start with Templates, Design Greeting Card using Wizard and Design Greeting Card using Blank Format. * After Selecting Start designing using templates; choose card type, card category, fold type, templates and background. * Select Design greeting card using wizard and specify the name, size, type of fold and shape of card. * Select Design greeting card using blank format to design greeting card by your own with-out any pre designing. Provide the name, shape, size and fold type to the card. Step 3: Use multiple different designing objects like shapes, pencil, text, graphics etc to customize and enhance your card more. Step 4: Utilize Batch Processing Series option to produce multiple greeting cards with different text and image values. * Click on Create and Manage Batch Processing Series option. Specify a name to the series and click on create list button to create Sequential, Random and Constant value series with different text and images. * Use import button to import pre created data from excel file and create a series. Step 4: Use Export as Image option to save your card as image and Save as PDF option to create pdf of greeting card. Step 5: Click on Print option to preview and print your card easily.
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