Financial accounting software creates final report for business firm by which they can easily find their monthly and yearly turnover of their company. It also uses to manage assets, liabilities, expenses and loan given or taken by a company to maintain their credit or debit accounts. Following steps to describe the full functionality of financial accounting software. Step1: Download financial accounting software (Enterprise Edition) and install it. Step2: Click on company creation button and fill the details of your company like name, address, type of business, financial year, annual revenue etc. Step3: Vendor has to fill his personal details and role in a company. Step4: Set security information and currency info and click on finish button. Step 5: In company option user can create edit or delete company at any time. Step6: Master Button option gives user to create account and set financial and account details in it and click on list button, store, currency conversion and item we can also set the type of a tax in a product user has to pay like government tax or state tax etc. Step7: select Voucher entry which is used for documentation of sales, production and purchase register, Journal voucher etc. Step8: Click on report option in which user have final sheet, sales, production, stock, account details on yearly basis. Step 9: Click on setting button user can find barcode setting there select font and colour can store all the value in a barcode it manages details fast and accurate. Step10: By clicking print button user can export the reports in PDF and excel file formats. *Highlighted Features: *Create various financial report like balance sheet, trial balance, profit/loss, stock etc to analyse the performance of the business. *Barcode option gives faster and accurate way to maintain accounts. *Vendor can set tax type which help to elaborate how much tax on an item. *Easy to keep track of customer- vendor record, entries, tax info etc.
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