Software designs personalized barcodes to fulfill the postal office and bank labeling needs. Follow the below steps to create postal barcode labels. Step 1: It provides two modes to create barcode labels: Quick barcode mode and view designing mode. Step 2: User can select linear barcode technology and then enter the barcode value, barcode header, barcode footer, alignment, bar height etc. Step 3: You can also change the general, color, font and image settings of the barcode labels as per the need. Step 4: In barcode designing view, you can change card shape, size, name, etc. in the card properties section. Step 5: Software allows you to specify color and background setting of created card including solid color, gradient image and style setting. Step 6: Barcode label maker software contain some designing objects such as signature, text, watermarks, shapes, images, etc. that helps you to customize the barcode labels in an attractive way. Step 7: Application offers batch processing series option that helps you to print multiple labels with different barcode and text values at the same time. Step 8: You can save your designed barcode labels as an image file in different file formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BITMAP, and many more for the future use. Step 9: You can also use print setting feature of the software to print the created barcode labels from any kind of barcode printer. Additional Features: * Program supports all kinds of latest windows operating systems like 11, 10, 8, 7 and XP. * Copy and Paste the generated barcode labels in various kinds of windows applications like MS Word, Paint and Excel. * Software has an advanced print setting feature that enables you to print created barcode label as per requirement. * Software offers you to export the generated barcode label in image as well as the pdf format. * Create multiple series of barcode labels by using several types of series generating option like sequential, constant value and random offered by the application.
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