Nowadays everyone want to manage their work very smartly and they do but health industry also needs to be special care that’s why we have to using barcode and label in the hospital management. • How can software helps in health industry? We are gives the opportunity to create their own barcode label as they want to crate. We proposed software for different work purposely so no one needs to be confused or any mistakes to maintain records. We should not take chance to losing any records because health industry is on the top and numbers of patients and diseases increase day by day .we have to maintain data very securely for further any help future related to that diseases or patent. It also helps to manage the medicine stock and pharmacy. • Describe the features of barcode label maker software in hospital? This software helps to manages and maintaining the patient’s records and also doctor’s duty records so that doctor can simply available for patient need or emergency. As we know that most of the hospital want to provide too many facilities to their patient so we needs to be care of every things. It can be possible with barcode and label software by digitally barcode. • Define your software in brief? We can generate two types of barcode, first one linear barcode and second one 2d bar codes, as well as that can make the batch processing to produce batch barcodes. Designing view of barcode that is defining the all prospective of label designing. We got setting option that can be set by us like theme setting and height width of barcode value and background style and colour font style, font size of text include in labels designing. We can extract the all created barcode and labels in any other file formats JPEG, PNG, PDF and image that is become a good advantage of using this software.
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