Barcode designing software for post office generates barcode label of different fonts and size for postal service sectors. This software can create multiple post office barcode stickers by using sequential, random and constant value series. Post Office Barcode Label Designing Tool can generate various labels, tags and stickers at the same time. Key features of software is that software allows users and creators to save created postal label anywhere on the system in various file format like JPEG, GIF, and Bitmap etc. Software Features:•Software can support to create postal barcodes coupons in any option like Linear and 2d barcode fonts.•Supports to easily print barcodes tags using any kind of barcode printers.•Multiple copies of the same postal barcode sticker can be printed on a single page.•Barcode label printing software helps to print postal barcodes using any type of print facilities.•Postal barcodes can be copied and used with all MS office applications including MS word, MS excel and much more.Advantage of barcode in post office: Barcode saves time we don’t have to be in line of bank for depositing money, can easily transfer money in just a minute. It is secured each person have their own personal QR code. Tracking frauds and ensures secure transactions is the top priority, and with QR code you can ensure end to end encrypted transactions. User can generate personal pin for payment. Address correction, Streamlining of mail permits, Accurate addressing. Why post offices trust barcodes?*•Convenient digital services: QR codes helps in optimizing money transactions that required writing in printed forms, client can quickly scan QR code to access editable form like withdrawal. •Safe online transactions: Making payments via QR code is very secure because QR code is nothing but just a tool that used to exchange information.*Benefits of barcodes: 1.Error free data entry.2.Manage products effectively.3.Accurate dispatch.
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