Describe about the professional barcode and labels generating application? 1.Barcode technologies 1)Quick barcode mode: This mode has contains many tools to which are important to generate a barcodes. 2)Barcode designing view mode: In this mode has include many tools to design professional labels for any organizations. Quick barcode mode 1)Barcode types: There are two types barcode can be create with this software : linear barcode 2D barcode 2)Data source: It has contains two options manual or batch processing. Batch processing are use to generate many numbers of barcode in one time with different values. 3)Barcode font: Software supports text font like Codabar, Code 11 and etc. 4)Barcode values: Users have to give these values like barcode data or message, barcode header, barcode footer value and others to create the barcodes. 2.Barcode settings 1)General setting: It contains bearer bar (vertical or horizontal), narrow to wide ratio, character grouping, value margin (header, footer, left, right, top, bottom). 2)Font setting: It has included header font, footer font and barcode value font. 3)Color setting: In this section has barcode color, barcode value color, header color, footer color and background color. 4)Image setting: In this option we can set image resolution and orientation. Barcode designing mode 3.Labels designing tools 1)Standard tools: It contains print setting, new file, file extracting option and others. 2)Drawing tools: Using this tools we can extract signature, picture, barcode, custom shapes, and library images. 3)Shapes: Designing shapes including text, line, picture, ellipse, rectangle etc. 4.Label properties 1)General: It contains the label setting as name , size, type, width, height and label border 2)Fill background: It has included background setting option like fill color (solid, gradient) and opacity. 3)Image processing: It has option to set image brightness, contrast and change image direction.
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