Brand Symbol Creator Application facilitates us with some formatting of Tools i.e. Hide/Unhide, Back to Front, Send to back and alignments like Top, Right, H-centre, etc. Icons created by pre- planned strategy will surely attract people to your brand of a company, so that your brand can grow smoothly. Professional symbols are the foundation of every company or an organization. Icons created by Symbol Generating Printing Program are very beneficial to increase the traffic on your brand. Logos are designed according to the concept and strategy of a company or a brand. Icon generating Application creates logo to build up the brand. Company Logo Designing Application provides three ways to generate a logo for your organization, brand, business or firm.SELECT FROM TEMPLATE: You have to choose the category of a card to move further in designing phase of a card using templates. User is also allows to select template from available default section of templates. You can also add background frame or any color to your card. Application facilitates you to create your own template according to your needs and requirements. If User wants to create a template then he/she has to select the category first. Then, you can select the objects which you want in your logo.CREATE WITH WIZARD: First step is to give the name to the label of your icon. Then, select the size for your Logo as height and width. User is also able to set the size from get size from printer option by selecting printer name and other details to print a logo. Choose the shape for your symbol. Set the background of logo by using Solid Color, Gradient, and Select Style from available dropdown list and Fill Image as stretch, tile, centre, and zoom.OPEN WITH EXISTING LABEL FORMAT: This way holds first step to give name, size, and shape to the label of a logo. Then, start designing process by using advance tools and features of the software.
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