Barcode is a machine readable code in the format of numbers and pattern of parallel lines of varying widths. Different Types of Barcodes: Code 39: This is one of oldest barcode and it is a common symbology found in electronics, Healthcare and Government sector. Code 39 is a linear barcode alpha numeric code. It can only encode around 39 characters but now it increase 39 to 48 characters. Code 128: This barcode was invented more recently and it can encode all the characters of the ASCII 128 character set. It can encode numbers, characters, and pronunciation marks, allowing you to use a broad range of characters. That's why it is a powerful barcode that can store almost any kind of data. Mainly, it is used in logistics, transportation, and order distribution. GSI -128: This barcode is a data carrier and It was developed to provide a global standard for exchanging data between different companies. It is come with a collection of application identifiers that enable it to not only encode the data but also define its meaning. Coda-bar: Coda-bar is a symbology that is very easy to print. It is used in photo labs, blood banks. It encodes up to 16 characters by using consecutive numbers. It will register inaccurate data as a wrong scan, minimizing scanning errors. Matrix barcodes: Matrix barcodes are a 2D way of representing data. They are similar to linear barcodes but are capable of representing information as per unit area. They look like squares or rectangles. It may contain numerous tiny dots like as QR codes. What Is the Difference Between a QR Code and Barcode? QR Code: I.QR codes can be read both horizontally and vertically codes.II.QR codes have different dimension that can hold information.III.Equipment for scanning 2D barcodes is more expensive than single line barcode equipment. Barcode: I.Barcodes can be scanned in a single line code.II.Scanning equipment 1D barcodes are cheaper.III.Information placed on stripes is limited.
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