Supply Distribution Barcode Software enables the user to store their well-designed packaging barcode labels in different Windows Applications including MS Excel, MS Paint and MS Word. Application has an advanced feature that provides you full control over the text, images, or barcodes inserted in your packaging labels. Distribution industrial barcode creator tool enables user to design custom images with the use of different designing tools including pencil, text, line, rectangle and ellipse and other designing objects.Software Features-Application provides you Advance font, color and image settings help users to craft wonderful packaging barcode images.Software Provides User friendly interface of the product provides easy working platform for all categories of users.It does not matter if you are belonging to non technical background for implementing the product.Program comes with an inbuilt help manual to guide the users to operate the product.Application has options to specify barcode value, barcode footer and header details.Application offers different printing setting option like multiple copies of same packaging sticker and Bulk quantities of barcode label can be printed on the same paper.Program has feature to adjust barcode font setting and barcode setting like header, footer and value as per requirement.Software provides Print preview functionality prevents from further printing errors. The benefits of using barcodes in supply distribution:•Inventory & Tracking Management.•Enhancing Accuracy.•Improving Transparency in the Process.•Cost Effectiveness.How are barcodes used in distribution? Barcode sticker improves distribution operations by maximizing the efficiency and productivity of receipt and dispatch functions. Whether incoming supplies or an outgoing delivery, staff can quickly and effortlessly confirm that stock meets order requirements through the simple act of scanning barcodes.
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