How can a company become profitable with the barcodes? Constant tracking: Barcodes makes easy to track every steps of process by manufacturing to relevant delivery. It can accessible for their organization employee or other members so they can supervise the manufacturing activity. After the manufacturing it can track the shipment of products from company next location. We can also get the information of quantity and quality of generated product by barcode feature. Product labelling: Barcode can be generated for the every type of product. It applied on the product by labelling on them. It is describe the name of company and brand that becomes the centre of attraction for the people so they can purchase it for their use. Every barcode label of a product define the complete detail of product like expiry date, manufacturing date, instruction of handling, included ingredient and many others . Appropriate data control: barcodes are very preferable in the data control. It can be more reliable then the paper work which was managed by the manually that causes the multiple error. Barcode reduces this cause so that company become more profitable than others. It also helps to retail seller to manage their inventory with the accurate and consistent collection of information about the available and shortage of stocks. Product defectiveness: Barcode Label also includes the every type of details so it can help to detect the defective product just by scanning that barcode. It is very difficult to find the defective product without barcode. You can do reproduction or cannot agree to purchase that product. Organization can get the good response the customer side if they can deliver the defective product. It becomes the reason in the increment of product sale. Extra features-: •Complete user-friendly •Reliability and productivity •Simple process •Inexpensive to others •Data security
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