There are some benefits of barcode in corporate sector:- 1.Customer appreciation: Customer appreciation is most important fact to get growth in corporate sector. We can upgrade the speed of delivery by using barcode technique also eliminate the error and defective products. 2.Improved quality: Barcodes helps the company to improve their product quality or another process. Anyone can supervise the complete process of business from manufacturing to delivery to the customers. 3.Better decision making: Every company has the complete cycle or process to complete task. It can be performing in a minimal time with the barcodes. It can do excellent decision making. 4.Process flexibility: Every company needs to be flexible process so that can be getting with barcodes. It provides the complete flexibility and accuracy in each task .There is no need of pen and paper to note the aspect of process. It could be done by barcodes with their scanner and connect with the central database of company. 5.Traceability: Barcode can be use in traceability of product pr process of the company. The main purpose from the traceability is supply chain management. Anyone can track their shipment, consignment and product by barcodes. 6.Cost-effective: Implementation of barcodes is an inexpensive process. It can be done by purchasing the barcode generation software and design barcode in their company. 7.Elimination of training period: Software is simple to use. Anyone can design the barcodes. There is no need of extra person to handle all the activity related the product that could be performed by barcodes. Company can eliminate the training period as well as cost. 8.Human errors reduction: Barcode is technology that works like a machine. After scanning the barcode we can get the stored data of barcodes. 9.Simple management: Barcode can help to manage the accounting detail of company. It can save the information of vendors, sellers and calculate the profit and loss.
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