What is the role of barcode in medical sector? Patient details: Every hospital has many numbers of patients and of their details is very crucial to start any treatment. It is very difficult to remember about the each patient detail so barcodes are used to store the every information of patient in barcode. Patient medication is managed by the hospital as per instruction of doctors so nurse can scan the wrist band of patient to get instantly records and treatment knowledge with barcodes. Patient reports: Barcode helps to manage the reports of patient. Everyone should be very careful about the patient reports because complete treatment is depends upon reports. Sometimes reports are exchange or misplaced in the manual handling so patient have faced the problems. Medicine is also providing according to prescription or reports which are suggest by doctors. Barcode ensure that accuracy and efficiency will be maintained in the reports managing of patients. Laboratory process: A barcode helps doctor to track the medical components in the lab process. Lab technician defines the particular barcodes to the each sample of biological components of person. Barcode technology is very effective and simple to use that is why barcodes are prefers in Labourites to identify the sample of persons. Medication requirement: Barcodes are very helpful in health industry like these can easily control the medical inventory of hospital. Medicine availability can be maintained by the barcodes in the hospital. Each medicine details like manufacturing date, expire date and time will be updating by the barcodes so they can remove the expired medicine. Equipment availability: Hospital needs the too many equipment to treat the patents. Sometime equipment is not present in their hospital so they have to transport from other location. Barcodes are used in this process to get them fast and accurate delivery of euipements.
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