Barcode is a structure form of some lines and spaces with certain define width. In the other words that is machine readable data storage methodology. Barcodes ensures that these are more accurate than others in decision making ability because it is entering data in computer system which is worked on binary system o and 1. Computer can read the binary values of barcodes with the bar, spaces and varying width. Tracking of the product is performed by barcodes in the company. Barcode can manage the accounts of a company in a very efficient manner with automatic updating feature. Barcode designing process is also consist with few steps. After purchase the software, here are the steps to create barcode: •Install and run application on your windows operating system •Write barcode value •Choose type of barcode •Adjust height and density •Print barcode There are some features of professional barcode maker: Software is very easy to use. Barcode creating application can be accessed by everyone. Software allows user to save the barcodes in jpg, PNG and other file format. It has option to share barcode via email.User can provides the values of barcode, header, footer, measurement unit, header-footer alignments and height & density of bar and many other. Every feature has the adjustable properties that can be adjust as per your choice. Designing view mode is used to design labels, stickers and tags for professional jobs. User has option to change the property values of label like background, text, image and many others. Label properties as general setting, background filling and image processing properties. General setting has option to change the labels name, height width. Application has option to include the images and digital signature in their barcodes and label so they can easily extract from their system.
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