Describes about the features of barcodes generating application-: Corporate barcode maker allows user to design the barcode, label, tags and stickers as per choice of requirement. Application has two modes of designing first quick barcode mode and second designing view mode. Software can generate linear barcodes and two dimensional barcodes in the quick barcode mode. Application has advance tool of drawing that are use in the barcode creation and labels like image, digital signature and predefined library pictures. User can choose any of them as per requirement because every picture is connect with a relatable topic. Generated barcodes and labels can be exports in the other file formats like text, PDF and bitmap as well as image representation. Role of barcode in the company-: Information accuracy: Barcodes has ability to record the multiple information in the small structure that represent details with the black lines (bar) and varying width in between those lines. Information can be read by the computer system, mobile or other digital device after the handheld scanner. These details cannot be accessed without scanning procedure. Barcode is very helpful to secure the details. Details transportation: Barcodes are easy to transport from one place to another that is why it become the way of information covey in the company. Information circulation is time consuming process and chances of misunderstanding without barcode technique. Company has to face the many problems in manual procedures. Barcode can reduce the probability of mistakes in the details transfer. Extra points-: •Generating software is gives flexibility to users. •Barcode creating application is complete reliable than others. •Software provides the efficiency and accessibility to design barcodes and label. •Corporate edition barcode and label maker consistency fabricate the alternative of companies.
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