Barcode technique play a most important role in the product manufacturing because it is inexpensive technique and easy to implement. Manufacturing process has many stages of process from raw material section to deploy the item. In the first step raw material purchasing process can be easy to handle by using barcodes. Anyone can arrange the raw material using barcode method and also improved the quality of barcodes. Account details also managed by barcode so it can calculate the all over tax and cost or material as per quantity and quality. In the second step product designing that can be perform in office that can be finalized by many departments of office to produce a product. Barcode can help to data transportation from one desk to other via internet or scanning that can save the time of design confirmation. Each team can check the design and make changes from anywhere. In the thirst step of manufacturing process start the product production from scratch that can be supervise from the office with the devices. Barcode is consisting with the details of product that are machine readable structure. Production stage can be manages or supervise by barcode as well as every team get to know about production stage and quality of product. After completing the manufacturing process each product has applied the barcode label that contain with the detail of manufacturing data, expire date, Production Company and company details that aid to know about the organization information. Barcode has advance ability to detect the defective or wrong product so that can be reproduced in the company. In the delivery of the product barcode supports in many ways like product identification, information transfer, customer details, delivery location and many others. Barcode technology eliminates faults which are happen in manually performed. Barcode is an effortless technique to automate the production process.
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