Need of barcode in the postal office sector- 1.Shortlist the letter: Post office employee can easily short the letter for the delivery according to location distance by barcodes. It is contained with the logical information that needs system to read. 2.Traceability of letters: Tracking ability is the main feature of barcode that can be beneficial for the postal industry. Barcodes reduce the chance of letter destruction and actual location of letters. 3.Address identification: Barcodes are preferred in the post office service to identify the address and correct letter of that particular address. Barcodes has versatile nature that can be adjustable in every sector. 4.Sender details: barcode is consisting with the details of sender who post the later in the post office box to give the information. 5.Receiver details: Barcode is also mentioned the details of receiver who receive that letter from the post office at a particular location. Advantages of barcodes in the post office industry:- 1.Affordable: Barcode can be generates in a very affordable price. There is no need to pay extra charges for the barcode implementation. Users have to choose the application to design barcode by you. 2.Scalable management: Barcode management system has the scalability to perform the one or another task simultaneously. Barcode can be easy to operate and the designing of barcode is also complete in few steps. 3.Error elimination: Post office work can be operating by manually so mistakes are increased in a large number. Barcode technology eliminates the error with available functionality. 4.Information security: It is not simple to read the parallel lines with varying width or structure. Barcode can secure the information from the data leakage activity. Extra points:- Software is absolute flexible with the every size and shape of label designing and printing. Application is able to maintain efficiency of customized barcode, labels, tags and industry.
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