Outlook Duplicate Remover software also has a dual mode to remove duplicate messages. This PST removal tool gives you two different modes to delete Outlook PST in Bulk modes. Users can take help from these modes to deal with multiple situations according to their requirements. After, this you can also search for duplicate folders with the help of this software. If you like to fix Outlook emails from the same folders, then you can choose the search duplicate within the folders option. You can also keep the original emails in each folder with the folder analysis. This Outlook Duplicate remover has several advanced filter options wish are useful to delete Outlook OST duplicates according to the choice and know details. In this option, you can find the date range. You can choose your preferred date to eliminate OST to PST duplicates. By using this software you can set the processed PST files. After this, you can preview Outlook versions that have maximum file size limitations even large PST files may slow the Outlook performance. That is why web developers have added amazing features to Split PST File Size in 2 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB, and 20 GB to process the files. Therefore, you can simply set the maximum size for resultant PST files. After this, you can also create separate PST per user. If you are deleting duplicate emails from Outlook in which more than one user account is configured. Then you can check the “Separate PST Per User” option to get separate PST files for every user. If you leave untick this option then this software will make combine PST files which have all users' account information. To save the Outlook PST files you can browse a specific destination path. The Outlook duplicate remover software automatically selects the desktop as the default destination path. Occasionally users want to save processed PST files at different destination spots. Don’t worry, because this software gives you full independence to browse the chosen destination to save files.
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