Barcode scanning software is an application that allow user to scan and decode barcodes. This software is designed to quickly and accurately read barcodes and provide relevant information associated with the scanned barcodes. A barcode scanner should be able to scan barcode images in every conditions. This ability of scanner to scan depends on types of scanners used, quality of scanner. There are various factor affecting the accuracy of scanner to read barcodes images like:1- Different orientation and lighting condition: The ability of scanner to scan barcode images can get affected with different orientations or in different lighting conditions. Some scanners are able to read barcode images in various orientation, low or bright light condition, for example handheld barcode scanners often have ability to read barcodes at different angles. User can adjust handheld scanner according to their requirements. Scanner with fixed position or mobile device scanner have limited capabilities when it comes to reading barcodes with varying orientations or lighting conditions.2- Barcodes on curved or irregular surfaces: Barcodes on flat surface are easy to scan as compare to that on curved surface because the distance between the scanner and the barcode changes as the surface curves, which can affect the accuracy of the scan. 2D barcodes can be easily decoded on curved surface as compared to linear font barcodes.3- Read damaged or poorly printed barcodes: The ability of scanner to read damage barcode depends on types of barcode image, level of damage or barcode scanner used. Damaged linear barcode is comparatively more difficult to decode than 2D barcode because 1D barcodes rely on the accuracy of the spacing between the bars to be read. Some scanners use special algorithms or imaging technology to enhance the readability of barcodes in challenging conditions.
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