Barcode scanner is different type uses are *Laser barcode Scanner use a laser beam to read the barcode from the distance and are best suited for scanning *Linear Image Barcode Scanner are known as CCD, best suited for scanning low density barcodes and more durable than laser. *Handheld Barcode Scanner is portable devices is designed to held by user and manually point. *2D Barcode use image capture technology to read such QR codes and Data matrix scanner. *Stationary Barcode is fixed devices that mounted on a built into fixed position. Some factor of barcode scanner is considering the scanning speed required for application, choose the interface that compatible with existing hardware and software, durability of scanner especially it used in environment, price scanner ae well as cost of ownership, type of barcode symbology choose scanner to compatible, scanning distances needed for application, corded or cordless need to scanner, depending on application, ergonomics design that reduces fatigue and strain on user. Integrating a barcode scanner with your existing hardware and software applications can be done in several ways are check the compatibility of barcode, configuration the scanner, choose the integration method like keyboard emulation, serial port emulation, USB emulation, software developer kit, install the scanner devices and test the integration. Barcode support option available depending on the manufactures and model are several online communities and forums dedicated to barcode and related technology. Barcode scanner come with user a manual included troubleshoot tips and contact information. Manufactures offer live chat support on websites. Some steps can make to troubleshoot the problem are check the connection, battery, scanner setting, barcode, restart the devices and contact customer support. Barcode scanner is troubleshooting issues and get back to using efficiently.
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