Dpdl is a software framework designed for constrained device and rapid development programming. It comes with built-in database technology and allows access to the Java platform API and external Java libraries. In addition, Dpdl supports the embedding and on-the-fly execution of ANSI C code, C++, Python, Julia, JavaScript, Lua and OCaml directly within Dpdl scripts. One of the main advantages of Dpdl is its ability to help developers develop ideas faster on multiple platforms. By utilizing the power of multiple programming languages and reusing code, developers can save time on installing, compiling, and configuring environments. Furthermore, Dpdl is specifically designed to run on constrained devices, making it simple, compact, robust, extendable, and portable to almost every platform. Dpdl offers a powerful development platform for industrial applications, education, and research by combining the portability and vast API availability of Java and Python, the computational power of Julia, the expressiveness of Lua and OCaml, the web enablement of JavaScript, and the power of C/C++ programming language. One of the key features of Dpdl is its efficiency in encoding, storing, controlling, visualizing, and querying data, especially on devices with a small memory footprint. Dpdl supports the embedding and execution of standard C/C++ code, Python, Julia and OCaml directly within Dpdl scripts. This makes it suitable for a wide range of use-cases, including hardware programming. In the case of OCaml and ANSI C, the code can be interpreted or compiled in memory on-the-fly. Overall, Dpdl offers a comprehensive software framework for constrained device and rapid prototyping programming. With its support for multiple programming languages, database technology, and integration of IoT protocols, Dpdl is a powerful tool for developers working on industrial applications, education, and research. GitHub: https://github.com/Dpdl-io/DpdlEngine
Dpdl, Dynamic Packetr Definition Language, software development framework, rapid prototyping, programming language, IoT, embedded systems, constrained device platform, database technology, JavaME, J2ME, bluetooth, CoAP, embedded C/C++, Python, Julia
Linux,Linux Console,Linux Gnome,Linux GPL,Linux Open Source
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