Some difference between mobile marketing and digital marketing are *Audiences: Mobile marketing is focus on target consumer on mobile devices while Digital Marketing are target consumers across all digital channel, including desktop computer. *Metrics: mobile marketing campaigns are measured using matric as app download, app usage, and mobile click-through rates while digital marketing campaigns is measure using metrics such as website traffic, engagement rates and conversion rate. *Integration: mobile marketing campaigns are integrated with market channel such as social media and provide more comprehensive marketing strategy while digital marketing campaigns is also integrated with marketing channel. Some strategies to make mobile marketing campaign more engaging are*Personalization can including customizing message with recipient’s name and target content based on location or pervious purchases. *Interactive Content is providing valuable insights into preferences. *Visuals can used showcase products, provide tutorial and promotion. *Incentives can encourage customer to make purchase, sign up for loyalty program. *Timing can include to sending reminder for upcoming events and providing real time update or promotion. *Easy navigation is optimized for mobile devices and customer can easily access and navigate through content. *Social Media Integration are sure mobile marketing campaign is integrated with social media platform like Facebook, twitter and other to make essay for customer to share content. Mobile marketing for some common mistake to avoid are not having a mobile-optimized websites, ignoring user experience, overwhelming customer with notification and failing to measure and analyze result. avoid the common mistake and focusing on mobile market strategy for business can increase conversions and customer satisfaction.
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