Mac SMS marketing is effective for customer and promotes products or services and increasing use of mobile phone, business can leverage SMS marketing to reach for customer and engage with targeted campaigns. SMS marketing software campaigns to measure success for Mac SMS software are *Delivery Rate is percentage of message to successfully delivered to intended recipients and high delivery rate indicates sent valid phone number and reaching target audience. *Conversion Rate is percentage that result in desired action such as sale or sign-up. High conversion rate indicate message is persuasive and landing page is effective in converting recipients into customer. *Click-through rate is percentage that result in click on message link. High click- through rate indicate that message is persuasive and landing page was relevant. *ROI (Return on Investment) is ratio of revenue generate from SMS marketing campaign to cost. High ROI indicate that campaign is profitable and worth investment. *Revenue is amount of money generated from SMS marketing Campaign. High revenue indicate that campaign was effective in generating sales and increasing revenue. *Open Rate are Mac SMS software can track open rate and provide reports on message. High open rate indicates that message content is engaging and relevant. SMS marketing using in regulation and guideline are *TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) is federal that regulates telemarketing calls and SMS message. *CTIA (Cellular Telecommunication Industry Association) is organization that represents of wireless communication industry. FCC are government agency that regulates use communication technology. SMS marketing in using guideline is obtain consent, provide clear opt-out instruction, avoid misleading or deceptive content, Limit frequency of message, keep message relevant and valuable and protect customer data.
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