How to make sure about the label design is accessible for all users according to their requirements? Here is the answer: Accessibility defines the designing products that can also be used by the people with disabilities, such as visual disabilities, hearing disabilities, and motor disabilities. Some basic practices for making the design of labels accessible for the people with disabilities: *Provide Transcript and captions: Label creating application comes with the functionality to add captions or transcript onto the video or audio content of the label. It is essential to make sure that the provided transcript should contain the accurate and complete summary of the video or audio content while creating captions. They must be synchronized with the video or audio content to provide a better user experience. *Use high contrast colours: Use of high-contrasting colours is one of the effective practices for creating accessible label designs. By the high-contrasting colours it is easy for the users with visual disabilities to read the text and see images on the label design. While choosing the colours for the design of the labels, it becomes essential to make sure the contrast between the text and the background of the design. *Clear and simple language: Label designer tool comes with inbuilt ability of text tools and the ability to import text from other resources. While writing the text for a label, use short sentences, simple words, and active voice so the design becomes impressive. Avoid using mechanism terms, or symbols that are difficult to understand for the users. Process of creating labels design that are more consistent to use on various platforms starts with design templates and it is one of the best practices for creating consistent label designs. Design system is an arrangement of guidelines, principles, and resources that represents the look and feel of a brand.
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