Mobile Adverting works by display ads on devices in various format, ads are delivered through mobile ad network or directly from publisher. Mobile ads are based on various factors, including demographics, location, devices type and browsing. How many types of Mobile Advertising? four types of Mobile Adverting are*In-App advertising can be delivered in various format are including banner ads, interstitial, native and rewarded video ads. *Mobile Web advertising is popular channel to allow to reach brand audience across multiple mobile devices. *SMS advertising is highly effective channel as open rate and can used to deliver personalized message. *Mobile Video advertising is allowed to tell story and captures attention towards. Some Benefit of mobile advertising for the business are increased reach, target advertising, improved engagement, measurable results. How to ensure that your mobile marketing campaign is compliant with regulation? Some practices to ensuring for mobile marketing campaign is compliant with regulation are *Get Consent are company need to provide clear and concise information about data are collection. *Follow TCPA guidelines are means Telephone Consumer Protection Act that regulates telemarketing calls and text messages. *Comply with CAN-SPAM act is federal law that regulate commercial email and provide accurate sender information, clear and concise. *Avoid Deceptive advertising is Federal trade commission is regulating practices and including mobile advertising. *Be Transparent is crucial in mobile marketing, company can transparent about data are collection. How to improve customer engagement and loyalty for mobile marketing? Some option for using mobile marketing to improve customer engagement and loyalty are personalization, loyalty program, push notification, social media integration and interactive content.
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