How many types for mobile marketing techniques? Some types of techniques that business can use reach out to customer are *SMS marketing are involves sending text message to customer phone and promote products or services and provide the information to special events. *Mobile app software to design run on mobile devices and provide a platform for business to personalized for customer. *Mobile searching Advertising to allow for business to target customer are actively searching for information to related product or service. *Business can use location-based marketing to promote product and services in geographic area. *Business can use mobile web advertising are promoted for product and services to customer for internet on mobile devices. How to create mobile marketing campaign? Mobile marketing campaign is creating complex and challenging process are mobile marketing campaign to need clearly for define goal and objectives. mobile marketing campaign is depending ability to reach for target audience. Some choose the various mobile channel use to reach like SMS, mobile apps, web, push notification and social media. Depend on channel to choose need with mobile ad network, mobile app store or mobile marketing platforms to time implement for mobile marketing. Mobile marketing campaigns are improving effectiveness and need track analyse results, continuously improve strategy based in learning and insights. Some different types of mobile marketing and benefits are SMS mobile marketing, Location-based marketing, Mobile App Marketing, mobile social media marketing, mobile video, in-game mobile marketing, mobile payment marketing, QR code marketing and mobile search ads. Mobile marketing is a specific type of digital marketing that focuses on promoting products or services through mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.
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