ISBN scanning system implementation: *Step 1: Download a barcode scanner app: For the scanning of an ISBN 13 barcode, user needs a label scanner app. Various barcode scanning applications are available online for both android and iOS operating system. *Step 2: Open the app: After downloading the label scanning application, open it in your mobile phone. Step 3: Position the barcode correctly: Hold the smartphone correctly and position the barcode within the barcode scanning area of the label scanning application. Viewfinder is represented by a rectangular shape on the interface of the smartphone. Ensure that the complete barcode label is in the rectangular shape. *Step 4: Hold to scan the barcode: After the label is positioned efficiently in the viewfinder, the barcode scanning application automatically scans the label and shows the particular ISBN number on the screen of the mobile phone. Step 5: Use of ISBN number: After the scanning of the ISBN number, user can use it to for various purposes. Various devices can successfully scan the ISBN barcode such as: Barcode scanners: Barcode scanning machine are specially designed to scan and read the barcode labels. Scanners comes with many types such as handheld scanners, desktop scanners, and mobile scanners. Labels scanners uses light sensors to scan the black and white bars of the labels and converts these bars into a digital signal which can be understand by a computer or other device. * Computers: Computers needs additional hardware tools to scan the ISBN 13 barcode labels, like a barcode scanner or a webcam. Some desktop and laptop computers come with built-in webcams that can be used to scan barcodes. *Smartphones: Various smartphones comes with pre-installed barcode scanners that can be used to scan barcodes, and also the ISBN 13 labels. Either download a barcode scanner app from the app store to scan the ISBN 13 barcode.
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