Logistics applications of automated marking and reading symbols barcode labels are used by the US department of defence for tracking management and supply chain algorithms. LOGMARS barcode is designed to make easy for the devices to read it and encode the information also in the opposite situations like as low light or poor print quality. Some of the most usable applications of LOGMARS barcode labels as follows: *Asset tracking: These types of barcodes are used for tracking the involvement and exact location of military services, for example, vehicles, weapons, and equipment. Barcode label is scanned at checkpoints to make sure that the products is in the right place and has been efficiently maintained. *Identification cards: LOGMARS barcodes are widely used to make military identity cards for the storage of personal information about soldiers like their name, rank, and military ID number. Barcode label can be scanned rapidly to authenticate the soldier's identity. *Medical Line management: LOGMARS barcodes are used in the management of healthcare supply chain in the military. Labels are used to track the movement and location of medical equipment’s. *Transportation: This type of barcodes is used to track the movement of military shipping or products packaging. Structure of LOGMARS barcodes is as follows: *Start Character: This character is represented by the alphabet A and is used to indicate the begin of the label. *Data character: Data characters is a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. *Checksum Character: This character is used widely to ensure that the barcode is properly readable. The checksum character is calculated by a mathematical formula which used the values of the data characters. *Stop character: Stop character is also be represented by the alphabet "A" and is used to denotes the end of the barcode label.
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