There are various components of postal numeric encoded barcode labels such as: *Frame bars: These bars are the first and last bars of the post net barcode. Frame bars are in the pattern of tall thin tall and used to frame the barcode labels. These bars help to identifies the beginning and end of the barcode and are important in scanning and decoding of the barcode labels. *Delivery Point Code: DPC consists of a two-digit number, that is added into the ZIP code to make it a 12-digit number and the height of each and every bar in the DPC code represents to the value of the digit. *ZIP code: After the 2 digits of DPC code, the next 10 bars denote the ZIP code. ZIP bars are divided into two pair of five bars of each pair, denoting the first and second digits of the ZIP code, simultaneously. Height of each bar in these pairs represents to the value of the digit. *Check Digit: The final bar of the postal numeric encoded barcode represents the check digit, that is used to make sure the accuracy and reliability of the barcode labels. Check digit is calculated by using a specialized algorithm which takes into activity the values of the other digits in the barcode label. Applications of postal numeric encoded barcode: *Access Control: Post net labels are also can used for access control for the security of buildings and facilities. By encoding the information of the employee or visitor in the label, organizations can use barcode scanning machines to rapidly and easily monitor data such as people in and out of the building, monitor access to prohibited areas, and make sure the security of the building. *Mail Sorting and delivery: Planet barcode labels are used in encoding of the ZIP code and delivery point code of each and every part of mail, by enabling the sorting tools to Fastly and correctly route mail to the correct destination. Planet barcodes has improved their efficiency and speed of sorting mails.
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