*Size of maxi code: Maxi code has fixed size 1.1 inches(2.79cm) in diameter. Maxi code size is standardized and cannot be changed. Maxi Code barcode consists of a hexagonal pattern of dots arranged in a grid of 33 rows and 30 columns. data is encoding within the hexagonal pattern of dots using a Reed-Solomon error correction algorithm, which allows the barcode to be scanned accurately. Fixed size of the Maxi Code barcode means that it can be printed at a high density without compromising the readability of the barcode. * Barcode scanners that can read Maxi Code barcodes: Barcode scanners that can read Maxi Code barcodes are typically designed for use in logistics and transportation applications, and may have specialized features such as long-range scanning or ruggedized construction to withstand the harsh conditions of shipping and handling environments. Barcode scanners that can read Maxi Code barcodes are widely available and can be used in a variety of applications, from shipping and logistics to inventory management and asset tracking. * Advantages of maxi barcode:1-Maxi Code is easy to read and scan, even from a distance. Maxi code is ideal for applications where fast scanning and processing are essential, such as in logistics and supply chain management.2-Maxi code can store 93 alphanumeric characters, making it suitable for storing large amounts of data.3-Maxi Code is a global standard barcode, which means that it is widely recognized and used around the world.4-Maxi Code can be integrated with existing systems, such as warehouse management systems and transportation management systems.*Limitations: Maxi code has limited data capacity. Maxi Code can store up to 93 alphanumeric characters or 138 numeric characters, which is significantly less than some other 2D barcodes. Level of error correction in Maxi Code is limited compared to other 2D barcodes such as QR Code or Data matrix.
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