Advantages of using postal numeric encoded barcode: *Enhanced speed and efficiency: By using a post net barcode for encoding the ZIP code and delivery point code (DPC) of each part of mail, the USPS can rapidly and correctly sort and deliver mail to its exact destination. It decreases the time complexity and resources that required for manually mail sorting and make sure that the mail is delivered at time. *Durability: Planet barcode is created for more durability and more resistance to damage, which make sure that the label remains readable even after it has been exposed to the elements or handled many times. *Reduced Cost: The cost of a post net barcode can help to reduce costs for the USPS by increasing efficiency and decreases the need for manual sorting. *Accuracy: Use of a post net barcode increases the accuracy of sorting the mails and delivery of mails by reducing the error. When mail is sorted manually, there is a greater chance of mistakes being made, which can lead to delays and mis delivery. *Easy readability: The Planet barcode is a simple and easily readable barcode label that can be read by a various barcode scanning machines and readers. This ensures that the barcode can be read and decoded quickly and accurately, regardless of the type of scanner or reader being used. Some basic limitations of planet barcodes: *The postal numeric encoded barcode label is mainly used by the USPS for mail delivery in the United States. Either some countries may use another barcode systems for mail delivery, the planet barcode is not widely recognized or adaptive outside the US. *The post net label is simply compared to other labelling systems and still requires more level of technical assistance to implementation and maintenance. It can be a barrier for smaller businesses or organizations which may not have the resources or assistance to manage the system more efficiently.
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