Print MICR Barcode on Checks: MICR barcode is printed on a check using a special ink. Font is called the E-13B font and is a special magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) font that is used for encoding the routing and account numbers of a check in a machine-readable format. E-13B font consists of 14 characters, which include ten numeric digits (0-9), a dash (-), and three special symbols called transit, on-us, and amount. MICR barcode is readable by machine, it must be printed using the correct font, ink, and spacing. The ANSI X9.27 standard specifies the requirements for printing the MICR barcode and ensures that the information encoded in the barcode can be read accurately by machine readers. * Encoded Information in MICR Barcode: MICR barcode, also known as the code line or the short code line, is a subset of the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) technology used in banking and financial institutions to encode and process information on checks and other financial documents. MICR barcode may also include other information, such as the branch code or location code, which identifies the specific bank branch where the check was processed. MICR code line reduces the amount of data that needs to be read and processed, resulting in faster and more efficient processing times. MICR barcode is a streamlined version of the traditional long code line, designed to simplify and speed up the processing of checks. *Standard for MICR Barcode: Standards ensure that the information encoded in the barcode can be accurately and reliably read by automated check processing equipment. Standard for MICR barcodes is maintained by the American Bankers Association (ABA). ABA standard requires that the MICR line be printed using a magnetic ink that can be read by magnetic scanners. Standard also specifies the position and orientation of the MICR line on the bottom of the checks. ABA standard are also international standards for MICR barcodes.
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