Knowledge about the characters encoded in the ITF-14 barcode labels: *ITF-14 barcode are also called the interleaved 2 of 5 barcode and it is a one of the linear barcodeswhich are usingon a large scale in the packaging and shipment industries. This type of barcode is used to encode the 14-digit Global Trade Item Number and alsoefficient to encode theextra information like batch numbers and expiry dates. Here is a summary of the characters that can be encoded in ITF-14. This type of barcode encodes the following characters: *Expiry dates: ITF-14 barcode capable of encoding the expiry dates of the products.Expiry dates are the dates after which a product shouldn’t be in use. These dates should be encoded in various pattern such as YYMMDD, where YY represents the year, MM represents the month, and DD represents the day. *Numeric digits: ITF-14 barcodesare capable for encoding of any combination and pattern of the digits from 0 to 9. 14-digit GTIN is a required unique identification numberfor the ITF-14 barcode and also be encoded by using numeric digits. *Check digit: ITF-14 barcode includes in itself a unique check digit which is used to verify the accuracy of the GTIN number. Check digit is calculated by the Modulo 10 algorithm mechanism. *Serial Numbers: This enhanced barcode type can also encode serial numbers that are the unique authenticators assigned to particular goods. These numbers can be encoded by using the alphabets A to Z and the digits 0 to 9. *Batch Numbers: ITF barcode label can encode batch numbers, that are alphanumeric codes identifies a particular production batch.Minimum length of an ITF-14 barcode is 14 digits, thatrepresents a 14-digit GTIN allocated to a product or service and the maximum length of an ITF-14 barcode depends on the width of the bars and spaces used.
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