*Maximum and minimum length of barcode: Minimum and maximum length of an MSI Plessey barcode depend on the specific application and the type of data being encoded. Each character in the barcode is represented by a unique pattern of bars and spaces, and the total number of bars and spaces in the barcode must be an even number to maintain the self-checking property of the symbology. Shorter MSI Plessey barcodes are easier to read and require less space on a label or product package. Longer barcodes may be more difficult to scan accurately. *Structure of MSI plessey Barcode: MSI plessey uses a binary system to represent characters, with each digit represented by a unique combination of bars and spaces. Barcode can encode up to 12 digits or characters, including numbers, letters, and special characters. Bar width of an MSI plessey barcode can vary between 0.015 inches and 0.04 inches, with a height-to-width ratio of 2.5:1. Minimum width of a space is equal to the minimum width of a bar, and the maximum width of a space is two times the width of a bar. *How Character Encoding in MSI Plessey? MSI plessey is a continuous, variable-length symbology that can encode numeric digits and some punctuation characters. MSI plessey barcode can encode the digits from 0 to 9. It does not support the encoding of alphabetic characters, special symbols, or other types of characters. MSI plessey checksum character is calculated based on the value of the digits encoded in the barcode. This checksum character is then added to the end of the barcode to ensure that the data has been encoded correctly. * MSI Plessey barcode can be used internationally: International use of MSI Plessey barcode is the regional variations in barcode standards. MSI Plessey barcode can be used internationally, but its use is limited by regional variations in barcode standards, compatibility with scanning devices cost and availability of barcode scanning devices, and application requirements.
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