What is the role SMS in mobile marketing? SMS is direct marketing tool to allow for business? direct to communication for customer such as email or social media marketing. Personalize of business to create more experience for customer. SMS tool is cost-effective marketing for business to high return orinvestment to reach customer for quickly and efficiently.SMS tool is mobile friendly for target in mobile users and allow direct message send. Two-way communication is allowing for business collect feedback from customer and used to improved product and services. Some mobile marketing in best practices is mobile marketing are optimized to website and marketing campaigns for mobile and ensure that website can adapt different screen sizes and load quickly on devices. SMS marketing is highly effective to reach customer by sending personalized and business message. Mobile marketing in social media is create engaging content and promotion for business can wider audience and build brand awareness. Local-based marketing used in geolocation technology, send target message and promotions to customer-based location for business. Mobile app is great to engage with customer or promote for improve product or services and provide valuable data about customer for business. Mobile marketing campaigns are important to ensure the mobile-friendly and using sort and concise message, easy-to-read fonts and clear call. Mobile payment app option as mobile wallets are increasing popular to customer. Providing personalised for customer and can create more engage and memorable for business. Mobile marketing campaigns tool are important measure and analyse result by tracking key. Some key measures to success for mobile marketing campaign are define goal and KPIs (Key Performance Indicates), Use analytics tool, measuring engagement for target, track conversions, monitor click-through rate, evaluate returns on investment, testing and optimizing campaigns.
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