How to optimizing of greeting card design for printing? *Bleed margins design to area for extend beyond edge to final product and allow for small inaccuracies in cutting for printing and finishing. Card design to depend on printer and specific project requirement. *Greeting card to ensure resolution of image and graphics is high to product a clear and crisp printed image and allow to adjust for importing or exporting files. Greeting card design are save for print to common format are pdf and jpeg. Card to design for print for choose right colour and using colour profile is suitable for print like cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Proofreading to design for check any spelling or grammatical error to ensure the element in correct place and appear as intended. How to design template in greeting card maker software? Choose the right template for project to use design template and offer template for range of occasions, including birthday card, wedding and other. Software is range of design element can use customer and element are include graphic, icons, frames. User add own image to greeting card and include photographs, illustration or graphic. User can save and export to design for customized template, added design and own image. How to avoid common mistakes for greeting card design? Avoid to Greeting card using low-quality images, design element or embellishing like border, shadows or textures. Typography is role of greeting card for design and neglecting in Favor to other design. forgetting to proofread can result in mistakes to final product can embarrassing and costly. User can sure set-up bleed margins are correct in design and process can also ensure and design elements are not cut off during printing. Designing for greeting card to keep design simple and streamline.
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