Limitations of POSTNET barcode: *Poor reading performance: Software are susceptible to reading errors due to spacing between bars and relatively low density. *Limited data capacity: Application are used generally for encoding zip codes, which consist of only 5, 9, 11 digits codes. *Poor Compatibility: POSTNET Barcodes are not widely used as other barcode like code128 or UPC, which means many scanning devices may not be able to read. *Lack of Flexibility: Application are designed to encode specific types of data, such as zip codes. *Limited Usage: application may not be suitable for applications and other industries that require different types of data to be encoded. *No error correction: A barcode is dirty or damaged, there is no way to recover data encoded in barcode. *Limited Security: Software don’t have any security features, they can be easily manipulated or counterfeited. Generate to POSTNET barcode: Before generating, you need to decide what information you want to encode, such as a delivery address or ZIP code. The information wants to encode needs to be converted into a series of numbers that can be represented throughout bars of different widths. Software use a check digit to help ensure accuracy. There are several barcode fonts available, such as POSTNET 3, POSTNET 5, POSTNET. Software used input font and data selection to generate POSTNET barcode. Barcode is generated, user can print it using a printer that supports selected font. What are applications of POSTNET barcode? *Automation: It’s helps to automate several postal processes, including as delivery processes and sorting. *Mail delivery: Software is easier to deliver mail to the intended recipient. *Tracing and tracking: Application can be trace and track letters, packages, and other mail items by postal system. *Business Applications: Software can also be used by businesses to automate mail delivery and processing.
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