Wedding card software in program designed process of creating attractive wedding card. How to design wedding card using tool? 1. Select any one of the designed modules using a templates, wizard and blank format as per requirement. *Select designed weeding card blank format modules to continue. *Enter the wedding card as needed and specific the size. *Select label shape from the list such as rectangle, rounded rectangle or ellipse. *Specific types of folders, including quarter, half, or postcard. 2. Change the background the card using the background property. *Specific the shapes of the label. The border style and colour as need to be set. *Background colour to solid colour, gradient, browsing image using fill option* brightness and gamma of background image in effect tab. 3. Text and quotes to your wedding cards and change to add and setting of text using text properties. *Select the data source such manual series and enter text and select of font card text. *Using colour effect tab of text changes colour, background of text or set transparent. *Rotate text angle and specific border colour of text. Wedding card can provide inbuilt email setting to send designed wedding card to any email id and proving inbuilt templates to design marriage invitation by using wizard or blank format. Following these steps can efficiently design wedding card using weeding card maker software to customized option including label shapes, background styles and test properties to allow the personal use. Software can easy design of invitation weeding card for bulk number using the including process features and also user can create colour, text rectangle, ellipses, shape and various other to invitation card using image.
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