Designing Labels for Food Products:-Design a label for food packaging is complex task, and user should be deep knowledge of food regulation and standards. Labels are designer for user to detailing nutrition and other information of product. Some key considerations when designing labels for food products. *Ingredient list should be concise, legible, and organized in descending order of weight. *Clear identification of allergens in products is important, especially for those with food allergies or intolerances. * Label's claims should be accurate and not misleading.*Food label should follow rule and regulation of state or country. Label Designing principle:-Label maker application should be attractive easy to read, and informative. Some of the key elements that go into designing a successful label. *Brand image should be consistent with your product. * Product name should be clearly mentioned on the label. *Net weight of the product should be properly displayed. Product label should be providing clear insurrection on how to use. Legal Requirements for Product Labels:-Some common requirements for product label. *Nutrition Facts Panel:-Most countries important to print food product Nutrition Facts Panel on the packaging. Panel provides such information serving size, number of calories serving, and all other nutrition fact. *Country of Origin:-In certain countries, products must indicate the country of origin. *Specific Terms:-Certain countries have regulations regarding the use of terms like "organic" and "natural" on product labels. Designing Labels for Cosmetics: - Labels for Cosmetics designed to clarify communicates the benefits of the product, while also providing information about the ingredients and potential allergens. *Graphics: - Using graphics and image user can makes label more attractive.
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