USPS sack label is encoded unique identifier for mail sack and allow to track and sort automatically by postal processing equipment. Barcode is printed on label is affixed to outside of sack and contain both human readable text and machine-readable barcode. USPS sack label barcode different from other barcode types are *Barcode Structure of USPS label barcode is unique and different from other barcode and printed on label to affixed, allowing to track and sort as move through process system. *Data encoding is use to modify version and allows for include of alphanumeric characters adding to numeric digit. How to read and decode for USPS sack Label barcode? some process to involves of read and decode of USPS sack label barcode are barcode in scan to emit a beam of light that illuminates and detects of reflection of light off. Scanner convert to reflected inti electrical signal and sent to computer that decode of barcode. computer read patterns of bars and spaces in barcode and translates in readable text and interpret decode information to used track as move through postal and ensure that delivered to destination. Some limitation of using USPS sack label barcode is essential to basic functionality of system and information is critical for employee to sort and deliver mail accurately and efficiently. sack label is limitation regarding to ability a handle high volume of mail and can result in delays in delivery and reducing in system efficiency. Real-time information providing to regarding to limitation and time consuming and inefficient. Application of USPS barcode is sharing some similar with other barcode type such as bar space to encoding data to specific structures, data encoding and application. Barcode can be designed for use to mail processing system and encoding and labelling structures to efficiently sort and track snacks as move through system.
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